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6 Benefits of EBooks In Comparison with Printed Books

Writing is a passion for those who have the talent to write naturally.  Writers will get some mental satisfaction as well as money for the creation and publication of their works.  The only obstacle between them and their readers are the conventional publishers.   

Without the help of a good publisher, you cannot become successful in your writing career.   The first criterion, especially for new workers, is to get the approval of the publisher for their manuscript.  Then you have to accept all their terms and conditions regarding the royalty and the re-publication rights for your work.  Since conventional printing and publishing is expensive and tedious, all authors are signing such agreements with the publishers.  

Often these agreements are in favor of the publisher, the author cannot express his dissatisfaction even he is aware of their malpractices, because he needs the help of the publishers for his future works also.  Only a few popular writers are getting reasonable treatments from these conventional publishers.

6 Benefits of E Book Publishing

Online publication or publication of your works as E Books is the best option to overcome this hazardous situation.  Here you do not have to get the approval from anybody to publish your work and practically there is not any expense for the publication of E Books.  Some of the main benefits of E Book publishing, in comparison with the printing books, are as follows:

  1. E Books can be published without any cost and without the help of any distributor.
  2. E Books do not require any storage space because they are digital products.
  3. Customers do not have to go to the shop or wait for the working hours of the shop to select or to purchase books because digital books have 24/7 access.
  4. Many marketing plans and reliable applications are available for the marketing of E Books and you do not have to depend on any distributor for the marketing.
  5. If you want to do any correction or to update any information in the E Book, it can be done easily and without any cost.  In printed version, you have to reprint a new edition, if you want to include new updates.
  6. E Books can be sold at a very low rate than the printed books with the same contents.

Watch a video below by polandbananasBOOKS  about E Books vs. Printed Books:

Many writers are now opted to publish their books as E Books and make a good living out of it.  Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is helping a lot of writers to find market and sales for their works.  Here the royalty rate is also higher than the conventional rates.  The statistics shows that the selling ratio of E Books and printed books on Amazon is 2:1 and this shows the popularity of the E Books.

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