Thursday, 4 December 2014

5 Tips to Increase Page Views for Online Articles

Writing and publishing online articles are practical methods to get better results for your online marketing.  If you have a talent to write and the ability to write without much spelling and grammar mistakes in English, you will become successful in this field.

You do not have to be an English professor or an expert in English language to write online articles.  Write without any spelling mistake and with minimum grammar mistakes.  I f you have an interest to browse in the internet for more information, you will get numerous tips that can be developed into articles.  

But the success of article writing is not in publishing many articles, but in succeeding to get maximum page views for your articles.  Lakhs and lakhs of new articles are publishing in every week and already there are numerous articles available which were published earlier by different writers.  Among this huge number of articles in your niche, you have to make your article/articles more eye-catching, if you want to get more page views.

Successful writers are adopting different strategies for their success.  Some of them are very expert in the usage of English language and some others are academically qualified in their field.  You may not be able to compete with these categories of people; but following the tips given below, you can make your articles more attractive to a large number of readers:

  1. SELECTION OF THE SUBJECT:  When you select an idea to write an article, it should be based on your niche itself and the article should be useful to the readers.  Everybody is searching internet to get information about something and people are only interested to read articles that gives them the right information.  Article should be useful to the readers in some or the other way.  Give them what they want…….they will read it.
  2. USE ATTRACTIVE HEADLINES:  Readers should be attracted by your headlines.  50% effort of creating an article should be spend for better creation of a good headline.  Most of the people will only read the headline and the description (or the first paragraph) of an article, before deciding to go further.  If you can attract the audience with a capturing headline, you have gained 50% of the success.
  3. USE KEYWORDS:  Search engine marketing is very important for an article writer.  So to get the attraction of the different search engines, you should use appropriate keywords in the articles.  Keywords should be included in the headline, description, first paragraph, conclusion and in other places where you feel it is appropriate.  
  4. USE INTERACTIVE STYLE:  Talking or interacting with your readers is a good way to keep their interest in high esteem till the end of the article.  Ask questions and provide answers for them.  Include quiz or opinion poll with accuracy.  This interacting style will surely attract more readers to your articles.
  5. GIVE PRACTICAL HELP:  When you give useful information about something through your article, also help them by providing the practical availability of that information.  If you are providing tips for the cure of some skin disease, also inform them about the details of the availability of this service or medicine for their use.  This will help your readers to get the suggested service or medicine without much difficulty and they will find your article useful enough.  
By using the above tips wisely in your online articles, you can be successful in getting enough page views and also you will get best results for your online marketing efforts.

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