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How to Create Web Traffic for Online Articles?

If you have the talent for writing, you can use this skill to make online income by writing and publishing articles in different online magazines.  Continuous publishing of good articles of your niche will help you to sell the products you are planned to market also.

But writing and publishing of the articles are two different concepts.  Writing is a skillful activity which needs an inborn talent.  But when you are doing marketing or publishing of these articles, you have to acquire certain practical skills to be successful.

Publishing of online articles are now very easy because various cost free opportunities are available for a talented writer to publish his works.  Many online magazines are accepting good articles without any fee.  Ezine articles, Go articles, Hub pages etc. are some of them.  Since these e-zines have good Google page ranking also, you can market your articles successfully through them.

In addition to this, you can start your own blog with your articles or publish your articles in other’s blogs.  These are also successful methods to market your articles.  But the difficult part is to get traffic to your articles.  Without getting enough traffic, you cannot be successful in this effort.

How You Can Promote Your Articles? 

Different ways are using by many successful writers.  You have to understand about these techniques and try to follow them for your success.  Some of the techniques for successful marketing of your articles are:

  • Selection of the Contents:  When you begin to write, be planned and focused on one or two topics and do not write articles based on too many topics at the same time.  Compare the popularity of the different niches and select the topic/topics as per your interest.  
  • Write Quality Articles:  You should create original articles in attractive way to get repeated audience.  If the readers do not find the information they require in your articles, you cannot be successful.  Be informative and helpful when writing.
  • Use Keywords:  Keywords should be used when writing articles to get the attention of search engines.  Use long tail keywords for better result.  Also be careful not to include more number of keywords than allowed (4% or below), otherwise the result will be negative.
  • Target Your Audience:  People have different interests, so everybody will not read every articles publishing.  They will select the articles of their interest to read.  So recognize your audience and write for them.  Give them what they are looking for.  Be interactive and helpful.  With the help of Google Analytics, find out the geographical share of your audience and write for those people who are reading your articles regularly.
  • Create Back links:  If you are writing in a selected niche, many of the articles will be based on similar topics.  Give links between related articles to get more Google traffic.  But be careful to use back links only with the articles of the same subject.
  • Use Social Media:  Social media are now very powerful interacting platforms and nobody can underestimate their power to bring traffic to the webpages.  Create and maintain accounts in different social media and be active in them.  Post your every new article in these sites with some reference.  But does not use to this media to post your articles only; use for them creating interaction between the members first and then only use them for marketing.  Use hash tags while posting in these sites, where it is allowed.

Watch a video below by James Bellavia about How to Promote Online Articles:


You can make your online writing successful, if you are willing to invest some time for its promotion.  Also you should write quality and useful articles and make conscious efforts for its promotion.  Be active in different online platforms and promote yourself as an authority in your niche.  It will help for the promotion of the articles and for you as a content contributor.   It will take sometime to get success in this field, but if you are serious, you can be successful.

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