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How to Create E-Mail Newsletters Successfully?

If you are doing online marketing, e-mail list building and publishing e-mail news letters are sure steps toward success.  E-mail newsletter will guarantee your long term success in the field.  This ensures your long standing relationship with your customers.

Building a list of targeted, potential customers is very important and it is an excellent asset also. To maintain the warm relationship with the members of your list, regular publishing of e-mail newsletter is a must.  It will help your supporters to know about your future plans, about the new products/services etc. in advance.  This early information will pave a warm welcome for you regular promotional e-mails.

On average, you should send one email newsletter per month. It will help you to interact and build better relationship with your customers. Email newsletters should be the summaries of the recent contents you have created. 

You have to decide on the subject and other details about the newsletter first.  Also take decision on the frequency and numbers of the newsletters that is to be sending.  You should set expectation in newsletters but do not overdo or annoy the members.  Let us discuss about the important steps for the creation of a powerful e-mail newsletter:

  • Newsletter Design: Use the same newsletter template always or at least for one year. For giving more attraction, you can change the images or headline colors.  Make sure that you are talking only about your business and you can elaborate the topic in your following e-mails. Do not send the newsletter from a noreply@ id, because it will be detected by the spam filter easily.  Prepare the newsletter in plain text for more acceptability.
  • Subject of the E-Mail: You should use a good subject line for each newsletter you are sending.  This will create more interest in members to open and read it.
  • Objective and Content: Each e-mail newsletter should have an objective.  You should specify about what action you are expecting from the customers.  It may be to invite their attention to a study report, or to your new blog or to a new product/service.  Or do you what them to participate in a general survey?  Specify you objective very clearly in minimum words.  Use the content/contents you have published that month as the content of the newsletter and place it at the top of the newsletter.
  • Body of the Newsletter: Include the table of contents at the top of the e-mail and link each of them to the corresponding pages of your website.  Before sending the newsletter, upload it to one of your webpage and give a link in the newsletter that says ‘View in the Browser’.  This will help the customers who do not accept cookies. The content should direct people back to your website for the doing the required type of action. Each piece of content should have a call to action and link that sends the recipient back to your website. Place your company’s and social media links at the top or bottom of every e-mail newsletter.  Limit the number of images (maximum) below ten otherwise it will be blocked by spam filter or firewall.  Also link the pictures to the corresponding pages of your website.
  • E-Mail Signature: Sign the e-mail newsletter using the same name you have used earlier in the place of ‘from’ address.

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Before sending the newsletter, double-check all the links and make sure that all of them are working.  Follow the same frequency always for the sending the newsletters.  Also do not change the templates frequently.

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