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Make Money with Article Writing.

Article writing is good way to earn money online but it requires some creative talent, which can be easily achieved by practice.  If it is difficult to find any online typing work suitable for you why can’t you switch on to article writing to make money online?  Every article writers, how much they are gifted with the talent to write, need to seek the help of good typists or they have to learn some typing by themselves to put their idea into web pages.   But if you know good typing why can’t you make a try to get some work for doing article writing?
Get Some Self-Training 

Are you afraid that ‘Article Writing’ needs a lot of creativity?  No… no…it is not like that.  Article writing only needs some good English knowledge and a little experience in internet browsing to find the data for the topic for which you are going to write.   You can make a few trials by yourself.  Write a few articles on different topics to evaluate yourself.  For that find a few very different topics first… then search in Google for some data for each topic… write the article in your own words.  You also have to get some professional training to make you successful in writing web articles and many other documents.  

Click here to learn about how to write different types of articles.

Click here to know more about writing articles using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Watch this video below by  jasondcrew about article writing:

While doing the browsing in the net for details, try to study each article you are coming across to find about their structure and presentation.  First requirement is a good and attractive ‘Title’ and then two to five paragraphs with or without subheadings to describe the details of the topic.  Lastly a conclusion should be added to bind up the topic.  If you have not done this earlier, now try a little vigorously to learn a new trick.

Good English is a must… spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes are not allowed in the articles.   Spell checker and other helps are easily available.  If it is necessary, take some free online training for bettering your language and also for some tips to write an article.  Length of an article is usually from 400 to 1000 words, which can be typed between 15 to 20 minutes if the typing matter is readily prepared.

To Make Money with These Articles

Where you will find buyers for your articles?  As a beginning, you can register in job offering sites like Elance, Freelancer, Odesk etc.  In these sites a lot of job opportunities are available for article writers; but the rates will be low.  $1 to $3 is the usual here charge for a 400 word article.  But if you can get this job as a starting you will get a confidence that you can make a living out of this. and are for professional writers where an article can get from $4 to $30.  Visit these sites to find out about their requirements.  Another way is to submit your articles to article magazines.  There are some benefits in submitting your articles to article magazines such as:

  • You can select your own topic (you can write a lot of articles continuously on topic of your interest like film, music, sports, computer games etc.)
  • You will not get any payment from these sites at the time of submitting, but you can make money from the advertisements like Google Adsense etc., which are showing along with your articles.

Infobarrel is one such site which pays the 70% of the Adsense revenue to the writer.  In Hub Pages, you can sign up with Amazon and eBay for affiliation in addition to the Google Adsense; and here your share is 60%.  Squidoo gives 50%.  Enzine Articles is another site.   There are many other sites which allow us to make money if you are determined to work as an article writer.  Your earning will be from the affiliate commission from Amazon, eBay and Adsense whose advertisements are showing along with the articles.  So more articles mean more money; the more popularity your articles gains also means more money.

Article Writing
 The guidelines to write a good article (how to make your ‘Title’ more attractive and capturing and the tricks to use keywords in the title and body of the article, how to use pictures to make your article more attractive to the readers etc.) can be found out in guidelines of these sites.  So if you have any interest to convert your typing skill to article writing, visit these sites (and also numerous other article sites) to find out the details about the ways to earn money. 

You can start your own business of freelance writing by contacting clients directly and offering them professional services.  

Click here to learn about different types of online writing which will help you to  select appropriate style for you for success.  

SEO writers are very much in demand and you can start a carrier in this field with the help of this training to write SEO here for more information.

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