Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Finding Real Typing Jobs to Make Money

Since there are numerous scam sites are offering various jobs only for cheating money from us, it is very difficult to find a real job to make money by typing.
You will get a lot of offers from various advertisements, but you will not get any job from them.  Usually these offers allow you to register free.  This is for getting your e-mail id or to make you believe that they are supplying jobs without any upfront fee.  Their promise will be to help us to show the ways to earn money up to $3000 to $4500 a month by typing or doing some other data entry jobs.  Payment proofs are ready to convince you.   For the proofs they are using photographs of paychecks for various amounts.  But at the end of the offer (usually after a kilometer length assurance) they ask for a small amount as a registration fee or as some overhead charges to give you the work. 

 Watch video about typing lessons by Wyatt Chambers below:

I am not against giving any upfront amount to get a real job.   But how we can be sure about the genuineness of their offer?  If we make the payment, will they give the work that will help us to earn a good amount as promised in their offer?  Do they have enough work orders to give you continuous work to make you earn a good amount?  There is no way to get answer to all these things and without knowing such details giving money to get any work is not advisable.

Make Money with Genuine Company Only

To be practical, do some home work before giving any upfront amount for a job:

  1. Find someone who was joined in this company earlier and working with them to make money.
  2. Check for real payment proofs other than the photographs of paychecks.  If you friend is earning monthly and regularly (even if it is a low amount than the amount promised), you can believe them.
  3. Check for the contact person of the company.  Most companies have only auto responder system to give you the reply.   But a genuine company directly deals with their workers and interested in giving training and advises to get their work done properly.  Every company has to fulfill the requirement of their work suppliers.  So if they are paying you to do their work, some guidance should be given to make you do the work properly.  So contact details with the company are very essential.
  4. Read the Rules and Regulations before you click ‘I Accept’.  Sometimes there may be a clause to withhold your payment or further work for even minor mistakes.  If you are not getting any payment or further work for some small mistakes which is not justifiable, this contract or agreement will make you a loser and the work already done and the time you have invested will be wasted.
But really there are some genuine companies also.  But finding them is like searching for a needle in a school playground!  Here the easy way is, to follow the guidance of someone you can trust; then you will not lose any money and at the same time you will be able to find out some genuine way to make money.  If you are confident about typing ability and want to make this home typing a profession, you start a business with help of some expert in this field.  If you want lead a carrier by typing online, it is better to get some professional training in this field to excel in this business. 

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