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How to Get Online Freelance Writing Jobs?

Make Money by Writing

Writing jobs require a genuine talent which makes the writers different from others.  They can beautifully present their ideas into words. Now the world is conquered by internet, and all businesses and other activities are doing through this platform.  Writing is the most sought after talent in this field, because many ideas are to be put forward to web pages as contents, brochures, information, tutorials, blogs etc.  Business houses and others, who are using internet for their business activities, do not have the talent for this creative work nor do they time to do it.  This situation made online freelance writing jobs as one of the most flourishing online jobs.  Writers who have talent and experience are very much in demand.  Watch the video tutorial by below:

Earn Money by Writing
Freelance writing thrives because of its convenience in terms of time, effort, and money. You do not need to go physically to an office to write; you can just stay at home and work on your computer.  And if you’re working full time in another job, you can even do freelance writing during breaks or extra time. It will better to get some training before searching for jobs.

But for a beginner who is searching online for freelance writing jobs, it is difficult to find related web sites that are not offering scam projects.  Many websites are there who are in search of new content writers.  But for content writing, you should have some good experience in the field of writing and also you should write SEO based articles for them.  For a beginner, these are not easy, but if you are confident enough try these sites: Article Teller, Yahoo Contributor and Content Current.

Best Freelancing Websites

Another option for online freelance writing jobs is to search online for freelance service providers. There are many good websites available for a beginner to start.  Try the following sites: Elance, Freelancer, oDesk, ifreelance etc.

These sites allow you to contact the buyer (not directly) through them and so that you can present yourself as a writer and also communicate with the buyer before starting the work.  Payments are assured by these websites after completing the work in agreed time. When registering in these sites, take care to fill your profile decently.  Your educational qualification and experiences are the two things which help you to get your first work.  You will get the opportunity to select the job for article writing, from a list of buyers and you have to quote your rate for the work.  Along with the rate submission, also submit the copies of some your previous works, for the buyer to evaluate you.  If the work order is to write an article by doing some research in the net, do some research in advance and submit a sample article (150 to 200 words long) along with your quotation.

For each completed work you will get a rating in these freelance sites.  This will help you in future to get more orders directly from the buyers and it will also help you to quote a good rate for your work.  But as in the case of any other field, it will take some time to make yourself established in this field as a freelancer in the online field.
Another way you can get online freelance writing job is through forums but this is not easy to get work as from a freelancer site. The risky part in this is that unless you know the job poster well, you cannot make sure about the payment for the completed work.

You should know how much you’ll be paid for the job you’re taking. Today, there are jobs where the pay rate is as low as $1.00 for every 500-word article. What you can do here is to negotiate, if you have an impressive resume.  You can make your presence known as a freelancer, by accepting the work for low rates and after establishing as an experienced worker, you can claim for higher pay rates.  You can start your own business of freelance writing by contacting clients directly and offering them professional services.  

Click here to know more about different types of online writing which will help you to select appropriate style of writing for your for success.  

SEO writers are very much in demand and you can start a carrier in this field.  Click here to learn more about SEO writing.

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