Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Make Money Online by Typing

To make money by typing, first we have to find some genuine online typing jobs which is not an easy task.  Is it possible to make money online if you don’t have any special skill for some particular work?  We can see a lot of offers in every web page assuring us to teach or guide to become a millionaire in a very short time, if we are willing to associate with them!!  But as we know already, 99.9% of these offers are scam; only the help we get from them is to waste our time and money.   

Watch the video typing tutorial by marathonX12 below:

If you have a particular skill, there is some hope and you can make money online, only if you do not associate with some bogus online or offline offers.  Here two websites are introducing for those who know the skill of typing (that do not means that you should be an expert in typewriting). I am introducing two genuine projects which I have personally experienced that they are not scam and do not ask for any money as fee to give the work. Only requirement needed here is to have some typing experience.
  • Ideal for students, unemployed, retired, housewives etc!!!! 
  •  No upfront amount for joining or training!!   
  •  Joining is completely free!!!
  • There is no fixed time for doing work.  It is flexible as per your choice and you can decide your time of work.
  • No minimum commitment of work output...  Do the work as per your need for the income.
Do not expect to be a millionaire by doing these jobs.  These works will only help you to make some money that will be enough for your extra needs. Do not read further if you are a looking for a chance to become a millionaire by doing some online work. Once more, from my experience these sites are not scam!  They are really good sites giving jobs for a lot of people.
Make Money with VIRTUAL BEE

Go to the website www.virtualbee and register by giving your details.  After registration, you have to complete some work samples for the evaluation of your skill.  The company (M/s. Virtual Solutions) will declare the grade of your work after the evaluation. To increase your grade, you can participate in this evaluation process once in every 24 hours.   Getting higher grade by repeating the evaluation work will increase the possibility to get the work.

After getting maximum higher grade, you have to wait for the company’s call by email to enter into an agreement before doing the work.  A little luck is needed to get this call within a short period.  This is because they are hiring people only when they have a lot of work in hand.  But the waiting will be rewarded if your grade is higher.
After doing the work, the payments will be released weekly.  The minimum payout is $10.  The payment will only send through Pay Pal.  So you should have a Pay Pal account before joining or start a new account with PayPal before your first payment date.  The email id you are giving at the time of joining (this can be changed later, if necessary) should be the same as your Pay Pal account username. From my experience, their work is good and payment is accurate.  
Money Making with MEGATYPERS

Go to and fill your details with accuracy.  E-mail should be a valid one.  A strong password of at least six characters should be created.  Then give your full name.

There are three types of payment options here: PayPal, Liberty Reserve and Western Union.  Select the option that suits you; but remember that this option cannot be allowed to change in future.  So please select with correctness.

To complete the registration, an ‘Invitation Code’ should be entered.  Use either 3KK8 or 3KU3 as the ‘Invitation Code’.

To complete the registration, you have to re-type a CAPTCHA word in the box.

Registration is completed and you can start typing (if you are ready only) the next moment. There is no waiting period as in the case of Virtual Bee.

The work will be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

 Payment rate is $0.60 to $1.05 for 1000 words according to the time selected to do the work.  After doing some initial work to get familiarize with the project, select the working time, which pays you a higher rate.  Here I cannot give you any advice because time zones in different countries are different.  Make arrangements to work as per your convenience.  But remember, $0.60 & $1.05 are giving in different time sectors for the same type of work.  There is no difference in the work; the only difference is in working time.

Payments will be sent on every Monday for the work done in the last seven days.  But the minimum payout is $3.  If you are serious in this work you can make more than $3 in one day itself.
In addition to the money you are getting for your work, you can also make money by inviting your friends to do this work.  Since this is not a scam, the beauty is that you can make some money by typing and also you can help others to get some money by doing some real work.
Kindly remember that in these two projects free ways to earn money; but to make money you should be willing to spend some time regularly.  And also that you cannot be a millionaire by doing these two works.  These works are for the people who are interested to make some extra cash by using their free time.
I have recommended these sites because of the reasons below:
  • You can join without any fees!!
  • You can work or do not work as it pleases you!!
  • You can work 10 hours daily or ½ hour daily as your time allows!!
  • You can work everyday in a week or you can work one or two days in a week as you can adjust your free time!!
Only problem is that the payment will be released only when it reaches the minimum payout amount ($10 in Virtual Bee and $3 in Megatypers). 

If you are confident about typing ability and want to make this home typing a profession, you start a business with help of some expert in this field.  

Click here to get for more information about the training in online typing.  If you want lead a carrier by typing online, this training will help you to do it.

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