Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Online Jobs – How to Avoid Fraudulent Scams?

Internet Scams

For every business, online presence is a must for survival. Now almost every business is expanding its operations through the internet today, so it is only a fact that all sorts of jobs are posted online.  If you want to find jobs or business opportunities, you should search for it online.  While some of these online opportunities could help you to earn and even build a career, many online jobs are scams wasting your time, effort, and even money. 

How can you find out that an online offer is not trustworthy?  Watch their promises about the job in detail, then you may be able to find out some hoax activity well in advance.  

Guide Lines to Identify Fraud:
  • JOB DETAILS: In many online offers, job description can be found very attractive.  You will be able to earn a good amount of money weekly by almost doing nothing.  Normally these offers are for all applicants, because the qualification and experience required for these particular offers show as ‘no experience’ is required.  These online scams will not specify the details about how they can give such a good remuneration for the work of an inexperienced worker. 
  • FALSE PROMISES: About the salary, about the working hours or about the nature of the work you can expect very attractive and mind catching offers from these online scams.  Those who are really in search of some online work will be getting attracted to these false promises.  Their salary offer along with other benefits will be very high and also very attractive to the new job seekers.  Many will fall for this offer and apply for the work and later they will regret.
  • FREE SIGN UP:  Most online scam offers claim that they are freely offering work, but in the last paragraph they will ask for a small amount as a start up fee to get your application approved.  This fee collection is explained some as a one time fee to earn a good salary which you will get for the rest of your life, so it is only natural to ask for a small upfront fee.  Another explanation for this fee is that, there are numerous applicants are applying for the jobs but actually they have no intention to take up the job and they are wasting the company’s valuable time, so they are imposing a nominal fee for those who are really interested to do their work.  In all these cases their intention is to get some upfront amount from you.  For the remittance of this fee, sometimes they may ask for your credit card details also.  

For a serious online job seeker, above tips will helpful to find out about the internet fraud and scams.  Read about the offer in detail and find out the credibility of that offer before giving any personal details to them.There are many online jobs available which do not require any registration fees or submission of unnecessary personal details.  Their payment will not be very large, only proportional to the work you are doing for them.  There are many online jobs that pay well and don’t involve doing illegitimate or unethical things. Search for such genuine companies online and you will succeed; it is not hard to find them. 

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