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5 Guidelines to Get High Rank in Google Search Pages

Search engine ranking is very important for those who are actively working for getting the attention of a lot of viewers.  It is one of the surest ways to gain public attention.  A lot of people are searching everyday in Google for their queries and Google displays a few well synchronized webpages with related contents in the first page of search result.

But gaining top Google page rank is not successful for many.  If you know how to be included in the list of top ranker, the work is very easy; but there are no stipulated guidelines are available to make this effort a successful one.  Nobody knows exactly about the factors that are determining a high rank in Google search page.  Only suggestions or guess works are available.  Google does not specify about these guidelines in any of their instructions to the webmasters.

But by reading many articles and assessing the Google instructions, some guidelines can be specified to get better page ranking.  These are based on the experiences of many successful webmasters and bloggers.  Follow the five guidelines below and it will enable you to get your webpages better page ranking in Google searches:

1.  Selection of the Subject:  The subject you are writing should create interest among your audiences.  Otherwise the viewers will not show any curiosity in your webpages and they will not be included in the most common queries by the internet surfers.  Another factor is that you should have some interest or passion in the subject you have selected to create contents.  Otherwise you cannot write more and more pages about this subject.  You have to do a lot of research to continue the content creation and for this you should have some interest in this topic to look for more details about it.

2.  Style of Writing:  When you create a webpage, do it in a friendly manner and not in a manner of writing an essay or study report.  Your audiences are normal people who want to get information in a friendly way and they are not scholars who are in search of some serious study report about the topic.  So formulate an attractive writing style to catch the attention of the audiences and include pictures, graphics and other details to elaborate the points that you are mentioning in the article.  Include some humor, ask questions to the audience and share your personal experience with them.  These factors will help to grow the viewership in future. 

3.  Keywords Implementation:  To get the attention of the search engines, inclusion of the keywords is a must.  You should do enough research to find the suitable long tail keywords for your contents.  Google’s Keyword Planner will be a great help to you for this purpose.  It is a free service and you should make use of it to get the appropriate keywords for your content.  It is better to use long tail keywords than singe keywords.  Use the keywords in the tittle, summary, first or second paragraph and in the conclusion.  Do not over use keywords; otherwise the effect will be the opposite.  

4.  Title of the Content:  It is very important that you have to give more attention in the creation of the title because the title and the summary are the deciding factors for your webpages to get more viewer ships.  When somebody comes across your webpage, first he/she will read the title and then go through the summary.  Only after that the viewer will decide whether he/she should continue to read the body of the article or not.  So title should be created attractively to grab the attention of the readers.  Try to include your keyword in the title itself to get the attraction of the search engines and do not exceed more that60/ 70 characters or the complete title will not appear in Google search pages.

5.  Social Media Posting:  Today social media are a very strong online presence.  No body can underestimate the power of social media in cyber world.  To get more publicity to your webpages or to get search engine attraction, you should post your contents in one or more social media like Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.  These social media already have very good page ranking themselves.  So your contents when they are posted in these sites will get the attraction of the search engines, in addition to the other members of the social media.  Posting your web pages in social bookmarking sites will also give more positive results.

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Following the guidelines above will help you to get the attention of search engines.  Since there are not any strict guidelines available other than the experiences of the successful content writers to get better ranking, your only hope is to follow these guidelines strictly to get a better result.  In due course, you should be able to find your own stipulation to improve the page ranking.  Many webmasters are creating good web pages that are listing in the ‘first ten’ of the Google search list; and with some conscious efforts, you can also be one among these successful people.

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