Thursday, 1 January 2015

Choose Your Affiliate Marketing Program Wisely

New to affiliate marketing and want to find a good affiliate program to promote, like anything new this may appear daunting to begin with. So what you need is a few guide lines to work with and in doing so you should be in a position to find a good affiliate program that pays well, and fits your business. Lets begin by taking a look at a few considerations you must view before committing to any one program.

  1. If you're going to commit to a program you want to ensure that it is noted for its reliability so that you know you will get paid and on time. You can conduct research for yourself by using search engines or by looking at associated forums on the topic of the affiliate program you are researching.
  2. Reliability in getting paid and on time is one thing but you also need to establish the affiliate programs payment structure and their commission rate. The amount you feel is adequate will depend on how much you feel you need to get paid, the type of item you are looking to promote so only you can judge what is suitable on this particular question. If you do decide to promote a digital product you should be looking at no less than 50% to 75% of the products value. High ticket items will be less than this but it depends on the products price of course.
  3. How good is their reporting of affiliate marketing statistics, you want to be able to measure how many clicks are been received and how effective certain campaigns are. You also need to see if you are securing sales, if not you may want to either change your marketing efforts or even consider another product to promote.
  4. Possibly the most vital step is for you to assess the product and the sales page, start with the sales page first. If you are going to promote this product you need to feel confident that the sales page can do the job, so ask yourself if you would buy the product based upon the page in front of you. If you are undecided, unsure or plainly would not buy the product I would recommend you choose a new product and listen to your gut reactions. With regards to the product itself, either purchase it, get a review copy if possible, or look at reviews on forums and blogs. Remember your reputation is at stake choose wisely. 
  5. If you're new to affiliate marketing try and find a program that offers you support through training and tips, other than that you also want one which provides you with plenty of ads to help you market their product..
This is not meant to represent a comprehensive list of the things you should do before choosing your affiliate marketing program, however it does cover some of the most important considerations that you need to be aware of. Just remember that choosing a good affiliate program is only one of the many areas involved with having an affiliate marketing business but failing to have a good one e to begin with will start you with a major disadvantage so choose wisely.

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