Wednesday, 30 July 2014

List Building – Effective Email List Building And After

List building or collection of emails from the prospects is a very important feature in online marketing.  Without a good list of targeted audience, you cannot be successful in this business.  If you have a good list and you are able use this list effectively, you can find positive results in two or three months.  No other method of marketing is able make such a boost to online business in a very short time.
For collecting email ids from the prospects use some effective and friendly method.  What you are collecting is not mere an email id but it is the beginning of a good relationship.  So offer something useful and with value (not necessarily in terms of money) for getting the email ids and name of a prospect.  When you get a new email id, do not think as a new prospect for promoting your business, but consider it as a new relationship.
When you start using the collected emails ids, do not become a nuisance to the prospects by sending continuous messages.  Do not send more than two or three emails in a week.  Send these emails with a gap of one or two days.  Normally people do not have to enough time to open and read the messages daily, so often they do it on the weekend.  So give them time to understand the message.  Make sure that you are not selling anything through your message.  Just mention the matter and benefits or plus points and direct them to the link.  You message should excite them and force them to click on the link.
But using over boasting about the products/services or repeated claims of the benefits often leads the prospects to click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link.  This is very dangerous; you will lose your valuable clients without getting any benefits from them.  So be prompt and concise about the descriptions in your mails.  Create a friendly attitude always and do not expect that everybody in your list will turn into your buyers.  So if somebody is not responding to your mails positively, keep that relationship live and they will become useful in future.

People will open and read your mails with interest when you give them something they want.  So it is your duty to understand about the need of your customers.  When you send emails to your targeted audience you will get more positive responses.  If you are offering a product they want to buy they will at least make more inquiries about it or wait for your next mail for more information.  So understanding about the interest of your client is very important for the success of email marketing.  
Watch below the video by Sean Donahoe about How to Build an Email List:

For the success of your email marketing effort you should also understand about certain things which are pointed out below:
  • All types of email marketing are not effective.  Email marketing targeted to a group in your niche only will produce any positive results.
  • It is important to structure your emails in such a way that they would not end in the spam folder of your client.  Avoid email with promotions and advertising only but send the emails with useful contents.
  • Follow the up process is very important.  Do not communicate every day, but at the same time you have to make some follow up also.  This is very important to keep your relationship with the client and it will help to build a rapport between you and the client.  These good relationships can be easily converted into sales in future also.
It’s very important to design and execute your email marketing campaign that should be aimed to a specific target audience.  Success in email marketing will depend upon the construction of the email messages that will be well received by the members of your target audience.

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