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5 Guidelines For Writing eBooks to Make Money?

Most of the people among us are depending on computer and internet for their daily activities, even for planning their daily schedules.  Nobody is now interested in reading books to get information, or to visit a book shop to find favorite books to read.  Every activity is based on the internet including the reading habit.

This is the digital age and now many common activities such as collecting information, listening music or doing shopping are doing by online options.  You can collect any information from the internet and you can buy anything from the online shops, by sitting in front of your laptop or desktop in the comfort of your home.

Write eBooks to Make Money

If you have the ability to write, you have ample chance now to use this skill to make online income.  Selling of the physical book copies has come down considerably because most of the new clients are preferring digital forms of books that can be read in digital platforms such as computer, tablet or smartphone.  Most of the book publishing companies are releasing the digital version of every new book they are publishing; otherwise, they will not be able to attract new generation customers.  

It is now very easy to publish eBooks to make money, if you have the talent to write something interesting.  Rising popularity of electronic publication in the present marked opened wide opportunities for new writers.  Conventional writing process and its publication procedure are too much tiresome, when compare with the new trend of eBook publishing.  To become successful in this effort follow the guidelines below:

Guidelines to Become A Good eBook Writer

1. Creative Talent for Writing:  To get success in eBook writing, the first criterion is your capability to write something that will get attention from the readers.  You should have a natural flow in writing and you should present your ideas in a very attractive manner also.  Your style of writing should create interest in the readers to continue the reading till the last part of the eBook.

2. Understand the Audience:  When write something, you should target the group of readers who are interested in subjects you are writing.  If you are writing on a wide variety of topics simultaneously, you cannot expect to get regular readers because the readers are interested to read only what they like.  General information about different subjects will not get extensive welcome.

3. Selection of the Topic:  Write for your audiences!!    So select topics that will attract more readers.  The readers will have some expectation from you as a writer and you are bound to satisfy their expectation.  This is the basis of a good relationship with the writer and his readers.  So keep these points in your mind, when selecting topics for writing an eBook.

4. Do More Research:  You should be able to give something new through your eBooks to the readers to make them interested in your creation.  For this you should widen your knowledge regularly.  Research is the only way to improve one’s knowledge.  Using the internet, you can collect large volumes of information about the subject you are decided to write.  Always present some new and genuine ideas in all new creations and that will make your readership to grow in geometrical progression.  By doing enough research on the topic, you will be able to write about the most new and useful information through the eBook.

5. Make it Attractive:  You should put some sincere effort to make your work attractive to the public by taking professional help for page layout and for selection of the eBook cover etc.  To market your product, quality is a must, but some promotional activities are also necessary to make it a success. Share the publication of your eBook in social media sites and initiate discussions based on the subjects in the eBook.

Watch a video below by Bolaji O about How to Write an EBook to Make Money:


A well-designed eBook will bring you good amount of money, if you are able to market it wisely.  At the same time, a lot of writing opportunities are also available for eBooks with good remuneration.  When you are writing for somebody else, the success depends on your ability to do more research to find new tips and ideas for the suggested topics.  Once you have established in this field, you can successfully market your own eBooks to make money; or you can write eBooks for others by charging good amount of money as rewards.

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