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Learn the Secrets of SEO Copywriting

Cyber world is full of information from various web pages such as blogs, website contents, articles etc.  But how can you find the exact information from this sea of internet world?  For this purpose everybody is depending on search engines and their search results help to find the required information.

To help the search engines in this search you have follow certain rules in copy writing and this is called search engine optimization or SEO.  If you write an article or web content following SEO techniques, there is more chance for the search engines to find it from the numerous similar articles in the internet.  Otherwise your copy will not be able to access by others without clicking a direct link from some other web pages.

How to Write a Good SEO Article or SEO Content

Good quality writing is a must and the content should be free from spelling and grammatical mistakes.  Using a good writing software like ‘Microsoft Word’ will solve these problems to a certain extend.   But you should also take enough personal care to avoid mistakes.

The language you are using to write the copy should be casual and it should be easily understandable by the readers.  Good language easily conveys your message to your readers without any confusion.  Do not use complicated words, phrases etc. when writing a copy.

When writing an article or web content you should target your audience and use the language and style accordingly.  You should know your audience and write for them.  Otherwise it will make a lot of confusion.  

Use keywords effectively and this is very important for the search engines.  For selecting keywords for the content, use the Google’s Keyword Planner which is very effective and it is free to use also.  Select the appropriate keyword or keywords and use it wisely throughout the copy.  You can select single word keyword or long tail keyword (a phrase) as per your discretion.  Use these keywords in the headlines of the copy, in the introductory paragraph, in the subheadings, in the links etc.  Please do not over use keywords otherwise the effect will become negative.  

Watch below a video By BlairKeen  about Secrets of SEO Copy-writing:

Search engines crawlers will find these keywords and match it with the keyword used in the search by some person.  But overuse of keywords will attract penalty from search engines.  Keyword density is not supposed to higher that the 4% in an article.  There is not any exact rule about the keyword density but this is the common assumption.  Also use these keywords wisely in tune with other words of the lines without making any changes in the meaning of the sentences.

A badly written copy will not make any positive result and also it will become a total waste of time and energy.  So it is very important to understand about the methods of SEO friendly copies for producing successful results.  

Click here to know more information about how to do SEO copy writing.

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