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How Can We Use Blogging to Make Online Income?

Different Ways to Make Online Income
Now more people are interested to do online work from home and earn online income.  

Is it possible?  

It is possible but not easy.  If you have a skill that you can market and if you are able to market this skill successfully, you can make a lot of money.  Online jobs like web designing, article writing, program creation, designing works, online translation work and copy writing are some of the online jobs from which you can make online income.  

Web portals like or are offering a lot of jobs for skilled people.  You can register in these sites freely and find out the suitable job for you.  But all these jobs have to be completed according to the specification of the job providers and working schedule also will be dictated by them.  You can work as a freelancer only under the stipulation of your employers. 

Blogging for Money

Blogging is also an online money making opportunity but it is different from other jobs.  Here you are the boss of yourself.  Nobody is there to decide the time schedule of your work or validate your work.  If you have a talent to write reasonably without spelling mistake and with a few grammar mistakes, you are competent enough to start your own blog.  But another requirement for this is the deep knowledge about the topic you are discussing in the blog.  You should also read and update your information always and then only you can include new information and data in your posts.

If you are confident about to start a blog, the next doubt is that how it can be possible to make money from this?  There are a lot of ways to make money from a blog.  Different opportunities are available to monetize a blog, but you have to choose the suitable option/options for using them in your blog.

Before planning to monetize your blog, make sure that you have enough traffic for your blog.  That means you should create regular readers for the posts.  Many different tips and tricks have to be applied to get good traffic for your blog.  Some of them are good and fresh contents, keyword research for search engine optimization, social media postings, social network postings, participating in the social forums’ discussions of your niche etc.  Without a good traffic, your effort to make money from the blog will not be successful.

Watch a video below by makemoneyblogging321   about How to Make Money by Blogging:

Some of the methods which will help you to make money from the blog are discussing below and find out which are the suitable options for you to monetize your blog:

  • ADSENSE: Signing with Google Adsense is one of the best options to make money from the blog.  But negative aspect of this option is that your blog have to get approval from Google to get an adsense account.  Please refer their guidelines before applying for approval.
  • CHITIKA:  This is also another pay-per-advertisement option and this also needs prior approval.  But here the approval is not very tough as in the case of Google Adsense.
  • AFFILIATE MARKETING:  You can sign up with different companies of your niche for affiliate partnership and place their links in your blog for getting commission of the sales.  Skimlinks, Amazon are some examples.
  • SUBSCRIPTION:  You can make money by collecting membership fee from the viewers if you can offer anything valuable to them.  It may be some tutorials, training etc.  If you can be successful in this field, online income will flow into account continuously.
  • EBOOKS:  Write quality eBooks related to your niche and offer them at reasonable price through your blog.  If you have enough knowledge about the topic you are writing and if you are able to offer some valuable information though these eBooks, you can sell your eBooks like hot cakes!

The above discussed methods are the common methods that are using to monetize blogs.  You can find out which of these option/options are suitable for you to follow.  A good blog can make millions of money but only a few bloggers are becoming successful in this field.  This is because of the mistakes they are committing in blogging by ignorance or by misguidance.  

To start a good blog you should have some good guidance and that will help you trigger your success.  Conduct a ‘Google Search’ about the blogging in internet and you will be able to find a lot of practical advice from experienced bloggers.  

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