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Skimlinks – Do Affiliate Business with Many Companies with One Sign Up

Affiliate Program with Skimlinks

Skimlinks is an affiliate partnership service that will enable you to do affiliate business with many companies. 
You only have to sign up with skimlinks, but you can do affiliate business with many big companies including Amazon, eBay, Link share, Commission Junction, Share Sale etc. Separate sign ups are not required with these companies. 
Watch video by Skimlinks about How it Works:

Sign up is free with Skimlinks and it is very easy to setup the coded link on both WordPress and Blogger.  Prior approval of your website or blog is necessary for becoming a partner of Skimlinks.  

The Skimlinks can be created by simply inserting a small Javascript snippet from Skimlinks into your blog or website.  This Javasript will turn any merchant related links on your page into affiliate links and give you the credit if any conversion has been made.  

In addition to the links (Skimlinks), there is an additional service of ‘skimwords’ which will scan the contents of the web pages and convert them into Skimlinks (a method similar to the working of advertising sites like Infolinks and Chitika).  This service is optional and if you do not want this service, you can opt out.

Benefits of Skimlinks Partnership

  • When you are doing affiliate business with different companies, the release of payment of your commission will be effective only after reaching the threshold of the company and this is different for each company (for Amazon, it is $100). Here in Skimlinks, the threshold is only $10 and you will get it via PayPal, irrespective of the company. 
  • Link creation for different affiliate partners requires time and expertise and also you have to monitor these accounts differently to see the progress.  Signing up with Skimlinks will save you from this time consuming job.  Skimlinks will help you from the burden of creating the complete product’s links of different companies on your web pages and managing them. 
  • For normal affiliate business, you have to apply to the individual merchants for their permission to sell the products and wait for their approval.  But here if Skimlinks accepts your site/blog for placing their coded link, you will get an opportunity to sell the products of around 17000 companies that are associated with Skimlinks  including Amazon, eBay, Commission Junction etc.·        

There are also some disadvantages with this business as in the case of any other business.  Some of them are:

  • The Skimlinks will make a 25% cut from the commission you are getting from the sales. 

  • The credit will come to your account only after 60 days from the sale. 

  • The products they are offering for sale may not match with your niche. 

As an affiliate partner Skimlinks works as a link between a group of companies (as large as 17000) and there is a good chance for more product options for the customers.  Individual signing up with major companies like Amazon, eBay is not very easy and you have to get their permission to do the business.  But through Skimlinks, you need not have any separate permission to business these companies and other major business groups.   

Click here to sign up with Skimlinks. 

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