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Freelancing - What Are The Factors To Be Considered?

Freelancer Work

Working as a freelancer online or freelancing is very popular now and many people are changing their careers from ordinary job to online job.  This change has both some advantages and disadvantages.  You should understand about some factors that will help you to create a healthy atmosphere for the freelance work.
For some works online efforts will give more benefits but here you have to make some sacrifice such as your daily routine, social interaction etc.  Working continuously in front of a computer will generate physical problems also. 
A better option to adapt to the new working situation is to consider the online job also like any other  office job and  stick to your early working habits and routine even though you are working from your home itself.  Also look after your health and maintain the social life as before.  

Some Important Factors - Freelancing
Some factors which have to be considered to create a better atmosphere for doing an online freelancer job from home are mentioned below:
  • FIX YOUR WORKING HOURS: You are doing your job in the comforts of your home.  So there will be a tendency to change your working schedule as per the convenience.  But that is not a good practice.  Set your working time as per the requirement of the job and do it in the same time every day.  You will lose your rhythm and become more stressed if you change this schedule.  Your body has to be get practiced the schedule of work and making changes in it frequently will lead to more inconvenience.
  • BE CONSCIOUS ABOUT YOUR DRESS: When you work in home it is better to change your home dress put some decent dress that was used to wear when you were wearing for outside job. Otherwise this lazy habit will make you to forget to shave, to wear makeup or to brush your hair.  If you dress properly when you work in your home, it will give a better feeling for the completion of the task before you.
  • BE SOCIALLY ACTIVE AND SPEND SOME TIME OUTDOORS: Do not allow your home job to sacrifice your social life.  Social interaction is a must for the health of our mind.  In an ordinary job, interaction with the co-workers and with the public helps you to fill this need.  But while you are working as freelancer in your home, you have to find some time to relax and to mix with other people for your better mental health.  For this also, fix a schedule and stick to it sincerely.
  • WORKING IN DAYTIME IS BETTER: According to scientific studies, using artificial light at night for working on the computer can lead to depressions because it will confuse your sleeping hormone. So it is better to arrange your work schedule for the day time only, if you are not pushed by a strict deadline.
  • MAINTAIN PHYSICAL FITNESS AND WATCH YOUR DIET: Since working before a computer does not support any physical exercise, you have to do some physical fitness exercises separately and regularly.  You have to remain physically active to complete your online jobs before the deadline. Sitting continuously before the computer will create problems of weight increase and the risk of cardiovascular disease.  So be active and practice your favorite outdoor sports daily to keep your body’s fitness. Along with the maintenance of the physical fitness you also have to eat a healthy food at fixed times during the day.  Do not allow to oppose your working schedule with the eating schedule. 
  • AVOID STRESS AND STIMULANTS: Work gives you tension naturally but do not allow to experience the stress on a long-term basis.  Try to calm your mind when you are not feeling well.  Take small intervals between the work and listen to music or watch video.  Find time for relaxation and watch a complete movie or complete game as per your interest.  Playing video game will also give relaxation.  Avoid stimulants such as coffee, pills, drugs or cigarettes.  Reduce the alcohol intake and use it only after the work. 

A change in work pattern as freelancer itself will become a reason for depression for those who have to opt for online work because of some reasons.  But following the above guidelines, you can overcome the initial problems with your new job and slowly you will consider the online job as an enjoyable experience. 

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