Wednesday, 26 March 2014

E Mail Newsletter – Importance of Creating Email Group

Email newsletter is used by almost all online business groups to keep in touch with their customers.  For the success of any online business, it is important to keep an active group that is interested in your products or services.  

Weekly or monthly email newsletter is a good way to maintain the contact with its members. Email presents an opportunity to go deeper with your connections by building trust and loyalty. If you can win a spot in the email inbox of a new prospect that means you have one more customer who is interested in your products or services.  

Watch a video below by DerekBanas about how to create Email Newsletter:

Email is still an unbelievably important tool for reaching and influencing your end markets. If you can successfully find a place in the inbox of members (without being unsubscribed) in your market, it can be considered as a big opportunity to cultivate relationships and influence decisions. If you do not have a close email group, you are missing a huge opportunity to build the most important business network because these people can be groomed into your future clients and supporters.

Your group should include your prospects, clients, professional contacts and supporters of your online business.  Do not create a group with a list of strangers who do not interest in your business.  Share with them something informative and interesting content through your newsletters in frequent intervals.

Your blog or website will give you a great help to develop this group.  A special offer placed in the blog or website can attract a lot of people who may become the members of your group. If the content on your blog is truly inspiring and educational, that may very well be enough to prompt the readers to subscribe to your updates. Offer eBooks or white papers/reports that provide relevant and insightful information in exchange with their email id and name.  Social media contacts can also do a lot of help in building a close group.

Existing clients and prospects should serve as the central part foundation of your close group, but if you want to grow your business, you must continue to enlarge your group with more interested members.  Attractive and informative content in your blog can be helpful in widening your contacts.  This content can be presented in many forms such as article, video, audio or images that are related to your niche.  

Do not send the newsletter with bullshits but fill it with valuable and interesting information.  Since the clients have the option to unsubscribe anytime, the quality of your newsletter is the main interesting part to do keep them active in your group. This group can be considered as the most valuable business asset, so build the relationship with intimacy and protect it with all your efforts.

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