Thursday, 24 April 2014

Make Online Income by Writing and Publishing EBooks

Writing an eBook
E Book writing is a way to make online income if you have a talent for writing.  You should not have to be an English language expert for writing an eBook about some topic you are interested in.   If have enough knowledge about the topic and have the will to do some research about the subject for more information, you can write a good eBook which will be useful to your readers. 
Writing an eBook may be easy, but marketing is not.  You have to find out a strategy by yourself for marketing your eBook/eBooks.  For this purpose you may use online and offline marketing strategies for getting positive results.  Reading a lot about the marketing and participating in the social forum discussions and in webinars will help you get necessary information about the marketing.
Watch a video below by Nina Vucetic about How to Create and Publish an eBook:

Selection of the Niche and Marketing Strategies for the eBook

The basic problem is what should be the topic for the book if you are writing your first eBook?  
 And then what should be the tricks and techniques that are using by the established writers?
For selecting a topic, find out the subject that you are mostly interested in and that your followers are expecting from you.  If you have a strong online presence, it will be easy to take a decision about this because your followers show interest in the topics that you are often discussing through your posts.  
The strongest and most valuable thing you can do is to build your credibility by providing value to people who are interested in your field. If you are interested in cooking or gardening, your social media posts and your discussions are based on these subjects.  Then everybody is expecting a useful eBook form you on these topics.  

Social Media Publicity for eBook
It is better to establish a strong online presence through the social media sites and social discussion forums before publishing your first eBook.  You should present yourself as an authority in the subject before your followers.  Your goal is to contribute value and build your visibility and credibility. Then you will get immediate positive response for the eBook, after its release. 
Write something useful for the readers and you will find more good response.  If your book is about some general information, it will get popularity only among those who are interested in more information about that subject.  But a book about doing something more creatively or about the simplification of some usual problems with practical solutions, that will attract more readers.  The subject of your eBook should be based on your niche itself. 
If you want to write an eBook about some more tough topics such as spiritual matters or history, you should establish yourself as a dependable authority in these fields in different online platforms first.  Here your followers are more aggressive about getting new information about the topic and a good eBook created after a painstaking research will be received by many and you will become highly successful in your effort.
Offline Marketing for The eBook
Offline marketing strategies also should be used for getting more readers for the eBook.  Press releases, local advertisements, announcing the publishing among your close friends and relatives will also help the launching of the new book. 
If you are new in this field and product is your first creation, it will not be easy to market and in such cases seeking professional help is better.  But as suggested earlier if you have already created a strong online presence through social media, blogs or web pages the launching will be easier. 
Different formats are available online to help you in the creation of the eBook.  Search for the suitable help.  After the completion, you should proofread and format the eBook completely before its publication.  An attractive book cover will enhance the value of your contents.  A good preface from an expert (or from a well known book writer) in your field will create more belief about your work among the readers.

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