Friday, 2 May 2014

How to Make Online Income by Sharing Your Knowledge
You will be able to make some online income by sharing your knowledge!!  May be you are familiar with YahooAnswers....  Web is a similar site where you can ask questions and provide answers to others’ questions.
Here the difference between the YahooAnswsers and WebAnswers is that in WebAnswers, you will be able to make some extra money by giving good answers.   WebAnswers is a revenue sharing site providing platform for those who are interested to share their knowledge and earn some income.
Sites like Inforbarrel and HubPages are sharing their Adsense revenue with those who are writing articles.  YouTube is also sharing Adsense revenue for the up loaders of videos.  Like this, WebAnswers is sharing their Adsense income with the participants of their site.
Watch a video below by CyberScribe457  about How to Earn Money in WebAnswers:

How is it possible?  
How can you become a part of this? 
What will be the expense and what will be the criteria to ask questions or to answer the questions?
First you have to do is to sign up with the WebAnswers.  It is free and you do not have to spend a single penny for sign up.  Next browse the categories and start answering questions.  You will have to answer at least 50 questions before becoming eligible for linking your existing (or new) Google Adsense account with WebAnswers.  For those who do not have an Adsense account can apply for a new one. 
How to Answer Questions Properly
The person who asks question will return to read the answers and he will award one answer as the best answer.  This is very important, because if you want to get more attention from the site users (also for getting more ad revenue) give the best possible answer that you can give to that question.  Avoid single word answers, give answers in good readable English without any (or with minimum) grammatical mistakes. 
WebAnswers will rate your answers for the quality.  Answers with good quality and relevance will get high Quality Score and this will give you more income opportunity also.  So do not answer only for fun but do some research and give useful and informative answers always.

Earning Income from the Answers
Income comes from the Adsense advertisements placed on the pages where your answer is given.  When somebody clicks on the Adsense advertisements while reading the answers, the revenue from that click will share with the participants (persons who have given answers to that particular question).  When an answer is selected as the best answer, then all the revenue will be given to the owner of this answer.  Till then the revenue is shared by all those who have provided answers for the question.  This is the basis of earning income from WebAnswers.
What Are Ways To Earn More Income From WebAnswers? 
Apart from providing good answers some of the following activities will increase your revenue share:
  • Be an active participant in WebAswers.  That means sign in daily, ask questions or answer questions as much as possible. 
  • Browse the categories you are interested, and answer fresh questions and if possible be first to give the answer to a question.  First good answers will have more chance to be selected as the best answer by the person who asked the question.
  • Go to the old questions for which best answer is not selected for various reasons, and give your answer.  If the best answer is not selected, all the persons who are participating by giving answer to that particular will get the share of the advertisement revenue.
  • Keep in mind that the quality of your answers will be rated by the site, so post your answers in good language without grammatical mistakes. 
  • Make sure that the answer is relevant to the question and informative for everybody.  Do not give your answer just for the participation but do some good research and find appropriate answer.

Actually this job is also a fun to give answers to various queries.   It is an opportunity to share your knowledge about some topic in which you are an authority.  Your knowledge will also increase by doing wide researches for finding the answers to various questions.  Do not expect that this method of money making will make you millionaire overnight but it will be capable to give you some extra money for sharing your extra time and knowledge with others.

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