Saturday, 14 March 2015

Getting Your Ebook Published - The Stepping Stones To Success

When someone writes an ebook, they usually see getting it published into something physical as the last stage of the life of it. Getting it recognized to those who do not know what an ebook is or how to download one is some achievement.
In the world of publishing, getting a book into print is very hard unless you finance it yourself...but there are some cost effective ways to get it started without even touching the "big dogs" and not waste your time.

STEP 1 - Get An ISBN Number

Standard ISBN s have 13 digit numbers. Any eBook that will become published needs to begin with this. Hardly any major companies will accept you as the ISBN is a way of indexing the books. Go to Google and search for an ISBN retailer near you. Usually you will have to buy them in bulk, so if you can find someone that is willing to sell you one ISBN then jump on the chance!

STEP 2 - Finding A Publisher

The hardest part of getting your book published. Search on Google for independent publishers that allow you to fund part of the process and accept most submissions. However, unlike many publishers that offer advances, these companies usually do not because of the cost involved in publishing the book.
Alternatively, you can fund the publishing yourself but be warned that this can cost upwards of $4,000 for initial costs...Start by contacting the independent publishers that you have to put a fee into - these are usually the CHEAPEST ways to publish your own eBook and you can have a book ready in under 80 days!


Step 1 - Set Goals - what do you want to achieve, who do you want to market to?

Step 2 - Define Format of Book and Cover Design - What do you want the cover to have on it? Color costs more than Black and White, and your image has to attract the browsers attention. Try the color ORANGE, it works well

Step 3 - Approve Book Proof - You'll get a ready-for-publishing book. Approve the layout, make any changes and send it back to the publisher

Step 4 - Printing - The longest stage of the process. Some publishers use an on demand printing service so your upfront cost is less - considering using one.

Step 5 - Marketing and Distribution - Get your book known. Be ready to appear on national TV, local TV and radio and magazines! Most independent publishers will leave the bulk of the work to you, so be ready to put in a lot of effort

Step 6 - Rake in the profits.
Sit back and watch the money come in.

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