Thursday, 12 February 2015

How To Optimize Your Blog For The Search Engines

Now you have your blog set up and ready for a flood of visitors it's time to
optimize your blog for the search engines.

You need to do this in two ways. On page optimization and off page optimization.
Now the on page optimization is already done if you have posted key phrase
specific content to your blogs and added the keyword to the title and description
of your blog in the settings.

This leaves you with the off page optimization which is basically the incoming
links to your blog. These need to be key phrase specific e.g.

You link should be like below
Puppy training

As this is a link to your blog for the phrase you are trying to rank well for in the
search engines.

Most people make the mistake of linking to their blogs like below.


Now this link could be on the exact same page as the key phrase specific one
but it is of far less quality as it would be very little good to rank number 1 for your

Now you know how to link to your blog you need to go and get hundreds of
backlinks. This will be sure to get your blog ranked high.

Now for your sub blogs it will take less links but in large markets I have seen that
it can take thousands of incoming links before ranking on the first page which is
why the research phase is so important.

So how do you get hundreds or even thousands of links without using any black
hat techniques or risky software.

There are a few white hat ways to get incoming links which are...

1 - Links on your other blogs

By following this system you will have already have links on your blogs to you
main blog by posting articles with the keyword in the title field and blog url in the
link field.

Now if you want to add links to other blogs you can either use this method or you
can place anchor text code in the template code.

You can place this either in the side bar or at the bottom of the blog.

2 - Links from submitting articles

The best way to get outside links from hundreds of different websites is by
submitting articles.

Now this can be done manually or semi automatically using software

Using the software allows you to submit to over 150 directories in around an hour
which is excellent considering it would take you at least 5 hours to do it manually.
Once your article is in the directory people like yourself can place these articles
on their blogs or websites for free so long as they keep the links to the author's
site or blog.

This means that within a few weeks you can have hundreds of extra links coming
into your blog from people who are displaying your content on there sites.

Now writing an article is really easy and it only has to be 350 to 400 words long.

You can simply research and read a couple of articles in around 30 minutes and
re word that information into a unique article in another 30 minutes.

Remember to make sure the links in your author box are keyword specific using
anchor text like when linking from blog to blog.

3 - Links from link exchanges

Another excellent way to get links from hundreds of on topic websites is by
joining link exchange websites. The one I recommend and use is

This has over 20,000 members wanting to exchange links and makes it really
easy to exchange links.

You just find a site you want to link to. Place some code they give you on your
blog and then that site is notified and asked to link back.

Link metro even has videos showing you step-by-step how to use their free
service so even that a total newbie can do this with ease.

Now you have a blog which is optimized for the search engines and you are
starting to get incoming links which in turn is moving you up the search engine

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