Wednesday, 18 June 2014

How to Do Successful Campaign in Social Media Sites

Many people are using the social media sites for business promotion.  But only a few people are getting success in this effort.  Social media sites are mainly used for creating and maintaining friendships between the members but marketing also can be done successfully if you know the tricks and tips of the trade.

Your social media marketing should be based on content marketing strategy because without any valuable offering, nobody can develop a group or form a large number of followers.  When the contents are created it should be worth to read or to use and also it should be good to be shared by the followers.  Main idea behind posting anything is to share it around and making it more public.  So create good contents that are valuable to share and also make the process of sharing them easy.  

Find out the Taste of Your Audience

If your contents are based on widely demanded topics, your success is assured.  But finding out the tastes of your audience is not very easy.  To find these insights, monitor keywords and hashtags on Twitter, Face book and Google+ and discussions on LinkedIn.  Hashtag is a number symbol and it allows you to label posts that contain popular words and phrases relevant to your topic content.  Hashtags will lead social media users to your current posts and if you monitor replies to your hashtags, you will get a general idea about the tastes of your consumers also. 

Post Quality Contents
If the contents you are posting are useful to the audience, it will be shared automatically.  When one person found it as useful, he will share it with his friends and followers. Use the contents that educate or entertain your readers.  Entertainment contents are also attracting the interests of the audience like the contents with useful information. Humor is something that will get acceptance very easily but creating a humorous content is not very easy.

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Place Share Buttons of Social Media Sites on Your Posts

If somebody wants to share your post, do not make them search for the appropriate link throughout web page.  Or do not make them to copy and paste entire content for sharing.  Place the share buttons of social media sites where they can be easily found.  It will help the readers to share it easily.

Everybody want their content to be tweeted, liked and shared hundreds of times, produce thousands of website visitors.  Set clear goals for each content post like having a certain number of mentions in a week, having more Face book likes etc.  In order to create content that is worthy, start by developing attainable goals, learn what your audience likes, create content that is useful, and make it easy to share.

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