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7 Blogging Basics for the Creation of A Popular Blog

Blogging Guidelines

Blogging is a commitment.  It is a commitment to you as well as to the readers.  When you are starting a blog about some topic, you should have enough knowledge in blogging basics.  You should be able to continue the efforts of blogging with live contents with capturing ideas always; otherwise, your efforts will become wasted.  

What should be the main important points that are to be taken care to create a popular blog? 
All the posts you are publishing should be related to the the topic of your selection and they should contain new ideas or information for the readers.  People are reading your post for getting more information or for knowing about new ideas.  If you are able to fulfill their expectations, you will get a good viewership for your blog.

After publishing some good posts, if you are unable to present new interesting posts, your readers will go somewhere else where they get more interesting information.  So continuity and quality in your effort is a must to get repeated viewers for the blog.  Let us discuss about some blogging basics that are required to make a blog more popular:
  1. Selection of the Topic: You can select any popular niche in which you are interested, to start the blog.  There are many subjects that can be selected to create a popular blogs such as cinema, online business, love, health etc.  Select a topic in which you can create attractive posts for publishing.  If you have a passion for this topic, it will help you to do more research for new ideas and information related to this; so that you will never run out of ideas for the creation of new posts.
  2. Blog Design: Select an appropriate blog platform, either paid or free.  Be sure to keep your site orderly, and make it easy for people to learn who you are with enough information about you and and set up a ‘Contact Page’ to keep in touch with you.
  3. Blog Content: Always publish good content.  Content means articles, images, audios or videos.  It is always better to have a mixture of all these things.  All posts should be related to your niche and specially focus on search engine optimization (SEO Techniques) for getting traffic through search engines.  Take your time to create each post and do not make this creation in a hurry.  Always keeps two or three posts ready in advance.
  4. Blog Frequency: Viewership will only develop slowly.  Your effort should have to get enough publicity through search engines and other marketing works to increase the viewership for the blog.  But to get repeated readers for your blog, you have to publish the posts in regular intervals.  You can publish your posts daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly as per your convenience.  But keep the same frequency always otherwise your blogging efforts will become a failure. 
  5. Blog Navigation: When somebody visits your blog, first they will look for the different subjects that are discussed in the blog.  If they are more interested, they will look for the links to search for these different subjects.  Make their efforts easy by creating separating pages with links for different subjects.  It is better to create a ‘Search Link’ for finding the posts of different subjects.
  6. Blog Comments: Always encourage your readers to post their comments about the posts.  It will help to create a good relationship with your readers.  Many people are interested to write something about the topics (though they are not full time bloggers), so give them a nice welcome.  Most of the people who read blogs assume and expect that they can also participate as well, so don't disappoint them.  Encourage them by replying to their comments without fail.
  7. Blog Marketing: Your blog will attract readers slowly if you are able to publish good posts.  But in addition to that, you should also do some marketing works to popularize your blog.  Allow easy sharing buttons to social media sites and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon etc.  It will help the readers to share your posts to their followers without difficulty.  Create a ‘Link’ to allow readers for subscribing to your blog feeds.  Some back links also should be created for getting better page raking.  High quality links will attract search engines and you will get more traffic.  For creating back links, write guest blogs or submit articles with links to your blog in good article magazines regularly.
Watch a video below by PsycheTruth about the Basics of Blogging:

Above discussion about blogging basics will give you some better ideas to create good and popular blogs.  Keep in mind that maintaining a good blog is more difficult than starting a blog.  Your constant effort is the fuel for the success of the blog.  Learn from the mistakes and keep a positive attitude for winning.  Read a lot about blogging for better ideas.  If you are very serious to create a successful blog, get some professional training from somebody who has enough experience in the field.

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