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Paid Surveys-Different Types of Paid Surveys

People are making money by participating in paid surveys.  You only have to use your spare time to answer the questions in the surveys to make some additional online income.  

Online surveys are becoming a very important research tool in marketing, social and official statistics research.  

Survey data collection is based on standardized questionnaires, delivered to a sample population.  In the field of research it is an important data collection tool also.

The beginning of surveys dated back to many centuries old, but in our age, this system of opinion collection has started around 1930.  Customer satisfaction has been defined as the state of mind that customers have about a company and its products or services when their expectations have been met or exceeded. This state reflects the lifetime of the product or service experience.

Marketing products or services is a big business. Surveys helps to target the products at the right people and the companies can cut their unnecessary advertising expenditure based on these surveys. Customer satisfaction usually leads to customer loyalty and product repurchase. 

Participation in surveys can be done easily from the comfort of your home.  Different surveys are available and you can select them as per your convenience.  Some surveys will pay you cash but in some others payment will be points or gifts.  These points can be redeemed into cash later.

Different Types Paid Surveys

Watch the Survey Tutorial video below by legitimatesurveys:

There are different types of surveys are available.  To participate in a survey you have to register in the appropriate site with your personal details.  Some paid surveys offering money (up to $50) for joining and referring a friend to join.  Some examples of other types of surveys are:
  • Web surveys are about some particular site and you have to give your view about that site.  Web surveys do not have much difference from the paid surveys.  Most of the web surveys are offering gifts and points as the reward and you can redeem these points into cash later. 
  • E mail surveys are another type of survey where the company will verify your e mail id after joining.  After verification, you will get different surveys through the e mail id and you have to answer it without much delay because many of them are valid only for a specific time.
  • Online surveys are created as web forms with a database to score the answers and statistical software to provide analytics.  These surveys consist of questionnaire that can complete online.  Gifts, points or cash may be given as reward depending on the nature of the company conducting the survey.

Participating any these surveys do not require any qualification or expertise…….  The company requires you as yourself and then only they will get genuine opinions about their products or services………..  Participation in these surveys is often fun and interesting.  What we have to do is to give genuine answers to the questions………   When a company is spending a good amount for this research work, they will not satisfy with your absent minded answer.  What you have to do is to give genuine opinion about the things you know and show your ignorance about things that you don’t know anything.

Take care of the scams in this field!  Like every other field, this field is also full of scams!!! 

 Many sites are there offering hundreds of dollars for participating in surveys conducting by them.  But before participating in these surveys, you will have to give them a small fee for joining!!  

Beware of them.  Do not work with such scam sites.  Always search in ‘Google’ for genuine paid survey sites and join them.

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