Wednesday, 5 February 2014

How to Make Money by Uploading Videos to YouTube?

YouTube – A Video Sharing Site

YouTube is the best video sharing site and it is the number two search engine also.  It is one of the most viewed sites in the world.  Most of us are using this site for entertainment and fun.  With the help of a good internet connection you can enjoy thousands of videos from this site.   But many people are using this channel to make money also.  If you have a small talent for doing good photography, this effort will be give you a lot of money and self-satisfaction.  Watch a video below by Ewon Whynes about how to upload to YouTube:

Restrictions for YouTube Video Upload

Before starting to make any videos for upload, just visit Terms of Service and Community Guidelines  of YouTube and make the videos only as per the guidelines of the site.  Otherwise your account will be deleted and your effort will be wasted.  Some of the restrictions for uploading videos to YouTube are as follows:
  • No pornographic or sexually explicit content is allowed.
  • You cannot post others videos that you don't have the legal right to use them for commercial gain.  Copyright infringements are taken.  Even for using background music for your video, you have to get permission from real owner of the audio file.
  • Do not post videos showing illegal things such as drug usage, animal cruelty, child abuse etc.
  • Videos showing brutal attacks, deaths, punishments etc will not be allowed.

How to Upload Video on YouTube

You do not have to be a professional photographer for making money from this effort.  If want to do this business professionally, you have the chance to get training from YouTube itself.  First you have to start with a YouTube account; this can be done with your G Mail account.  Think about a good topic for which you have a passion and you can do work with interest.   Prepare different videos based on this topic and get a good number of viewers for your videos.  Length of the videos should anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes.   Only for giving a tutorial or for educational purposes, a lengthy video is required.  


How Can You Make Money by Upload Video to YouTube

YouTube is not paying any remuneration for uploading your work.  The money you are getting is from the Ad sense revenue that has posted on the same page of your video.  You should also have an Ad sense account for this.  When you are publishing articles in Hub Pages, Squidoo or Info barrel, you will get revenue share from the Ad sense income in a similar way.  Since the revenue flow is based on the page views of your video, you have to gain a good name as a good and useful video maker.   Encourage the viewers to subscribe and make comments. By uploading videos frequently; you can build up your business.   

YouTube itself is launched a training program for this purpose called ‘Tube Launch’.  This is a paid service with a 60 days money back guarantee.   

Click here to to know more about Tube Launch training program to do successful business with YouTube.  So if you want to be a professional, you get help here professionally.  But if you have enough knowledge about this business, you can start your upload without any training and make money.

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