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Social Media and Email Marketing in Affiliate Marketing Business

After signing up as an affiliate to market a product, you have to expand your client base as a preliminary set up for promoting your product.  The most assured or result oriented strategy in affiliate business is the promotion of the product through your existing client base.  This can be done by email marketing or by social media promotion.  Merely by posting the affiliate links in your website and blogs will not bring conversion.  If you have a plan to work as an affiliate, prepare in advance by creating an email list of like minded people or by getting more followers of same interest in the social media sites.   

Using Social Media Sites  

Most of the new generation internet surfers have account in at least one of any social media sites.  This is for sharing their ideas, for fun and also for friendship chat.  But if you are planning to become an affiliate, it is better to start a new account with good number of followers of the same taste.  Discuss or post topics that are related to your niche.  Among such posts, you can promote your business also.  Though Face book has the largest number of accounts, LinkedIn is the best for doing business.  The methods of using LinkedIn for promoting your business can be learned from Lewis Howes’ ‘Linked Influence’.  If you have enough to time to manage more than one social account, it will be better for the success of your business.  Jo Barnes’ ‘Social Media Bundle’ will be helpful to get the training for using Face book, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest for the promotion of your business.   

Watch a video by Web Marketing Today about how to use social media sites for the promotion of affiliate marketing business:

Power of Email Marketing

Email is an effective marketing tool that can be used to benefit your business.  You can promote your existing products and newly introduced products through this email communication for better results.  First of all you have to create a list of people by collecting their name and email id.  This can be collected by offering some valuable item (such as e-book or report of the same niche) in exchange of their name and email id.  You can also offer gifts, bonuses, discounts etc. for the collection of this information.  Remember that this list is going to be pillar of your future affiliate business.   

Watch the E mail Marketing Tutorial (video) below by corebyzsystems:

When you have a plan to sell a new product, you can mention about it in your regular mails to the clients in advance.  This will prepare them for welcoming the product.  Though conversion rate may not be higher, most of them will interestingly look for the information of the new product at the time of launching it.   Send the mails only when you want to communicate and send a few mails for one product in selected intervals.  For sending emails to a lot of people together, use the help of an auto responder.  List wire is a free auto responder service that can be used for this purpose.    

Click here to open an account with List Wire.

The above two methods can be used successfully for the promotion of affiliate products and you can also try other methods along with this for good results.  Through the regular communications via emails or by chatting, you can get some good ideas about new products that are to be introduced in future.  This will give good conversion rates at the time of introduction of new products.  

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