Thursday, 20 June 2013

Online Jobs - Disadvantages

Online Jobs and Desk Jobs

Online jobs are more available as the web is made a venue for up-coming and growing businesses. Working online to make money has many advantages with reducing investments such as travel expenses and it is also very helpful in saving our valuable time. Online jobs provide the individual with greater flexibility of schedule, and less stress encounters associated with traveling. But comparing with any the desk job, online jobs have some disadvantages also.

 Disadvantages of Online Jobs
  • LIMITED INTERACTIONS: Online jobs require many relationships for the development of the business and a successful online businessman will develop many individual contacts also.  But these relationships will not be live as the relationships in real business, where you will meet various personalities in different situations.  Face to face interaction cannot be compared with the interaction through the internet, even though you have an extensive acceptance through different social networking sites.
  • LACK OF SOCIAL ASSOCIATION: Online work never provide opportunities for the small chats, funs, healthy competitions with the colleagues and many other smaller aspects as in the case of real office jobs.  These small interactions will be very much required for your mental refreshment and personality development.
  • NO GUARANTEE FOR LEGITIMACY:  Genuineness of your business associates cannot be checked as in the cases of normal business.   Companies show only their internet presence and there is no foolproof method to check the authenticity of their existence.  More chances are there to be cheated by doing business with these type of companies.  Money scams are all over the place, and the internet is one of the easiest venues to push these rackets in.
  • LACK OF RELAXATION:  Business creates tension and stress as part an parcel of the work.  But in a workplace set up, there many possibilities for the easing out of your small tensions.  Interaction and consultation with our co-workers and friends during your working time and after will solve many of your small problems and that will reduce the mental tensions. This facility will not be available, when you are working alone in your home or in your office space sitting before a computer.
  • HEALTH DETERIORATION: Online jobs require a lot of work before a computer monitor for making it a success.  These continuous exposures may be harmful for you in many ways.   Gears such as anti-glare, anti-radiation and anti-static monitor filters and protective computer glasses significantly help against eye strain and damaging vision impairment, but even those cannot counter the other effects of prolonged and frequent exposure to the computer, such as the tendency to develop neck strain, Carpal tunnel syndrome and other chemical and hormonal imbalances like iron deficiency. If you’re not the type, who are doing regular exercise, these risks will double as you will spend your working hours sitting in front of your laptop or desktop computer.
For those who are planning to shift from desk work, carefully assess yourself, your goals and your lifestyle before you take this new route. First you should understand that online jobs and normal jobs have many differences.  Online jobs are not suited for everyone. Many factors such as lifestyle, discipline in work schedule, health and home demands should be taken into consideration before committing to do some online jobs. It is better to do a study about the social sacrifices you have to do for finishing the committed online jobs. 

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