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How to Be a Freelancer in Online Writing

Earn By Writing

Huge numbers of people are working as freelancers to earn money online because there’s plenty of work is available in this field. More and more businesses houses are now realizing the importance and the potential of the internet and they want to make their presence through web contents, blogs, instruction guidelines etc. New writing online jobs are appearing every single day, because outsourcing these writing jobs is more profitable for the companies than employing salaried writers in their office.
Online writing as freelancer is a growing area, particularly as more and more print magazines fold, and as the demand for online content grows. If you have not started your work as a freelancer, it’s not too late to make money by online freelance writing jobs.  

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How to Become a Writer?

Basic requirements for an online freelance writer are the ability to use email, basic word-processing skills (e.g. using MS Word or Open Office) and the ability to use search engines. You need not to have any technical knowledge to write online. There are plenty of writing jobs available which don’t require anything technical beyond the ability to create a document and send it by email.

If you’ve studied English, Journalism or a related subject and if you are confident enough about the standard of your writing, that will be the sufficient qualifications for this job. By practice and experience you can easily develop your writing skills and academic type of writing is not required in writing online articles. You also need not have an academic qualification in English or Journalism to do freelance online writing jobs. All that matters is that you have the ability to write good English. 

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Many online gigs are open to any writers, and don’t require any particular expertise. You might have to do some extra research to begin with, but if you keep writing on similar topics, you’ll soon become a self-taught expert. Writing is a great way to make a living (or for some extra cash) and there’s always a demand for good writers and new contents. But specializing in writing to different sections of writing such as article writing, copy writing, eBook writing, writing resumes will enhance your earning capacity.
Receiving the payments for the completed work is easy if you have an online PayPal Account. Opening a PayPal account is very easy and takes only a few minutes, and this allows you to receive money in many different currencies without having to pay the heavy fee that your bank would charge for a foreign transaction. This online account helps you to work form anywhere in the world and receive the payment for that work. 

The usual complaint about this type of work is that online writing gigs don’t pay as well as the payment in print fields. Online writing gigs pay very well in terms of time spent. They may pay less per word, but these articles often don’t require the same level of research and fact-checking that print publications require.  You can start your own business of freelance writing by contacting clients directly and offering them professional services.  

Click here to learn about different types of online writing which will help you to select appropriate style of writing for your success.  

SEO writers are very much in demand and you can start a carrier in this field.  Click here to know more about SEO writing.

Some online writing gigs pay very little, but there are others which pay up to fifty dollars (sometimes more than that) for a short article. It’s up to you to take a job, so you never have to work if you feel that the pay is too low. You can always set your price, once you have very well established as a freelancer in online writing field.

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