Thursday, 16 July 2015

Adsense, Adsense, Adsense. What They Don't Tell You!

Adsense? It's all the rage so why is hardly anybody making any money from Adsense? There are more folk making $1 than $7,500 so what's all the hype about?
Learning how to earn an income using Adsense is actually very simple. You can fork out your $50 or $100 and that's the learning curve done with. It's only a matter of placing the Adsense code in a certain position on your web pages. Even the experts have differing views on this so remember to buy a good Adsense tracker that will let you know exactly what's happening on your pages.

Like everything else, it's just adopting a consistent and methodical approach to your Adsense marketing.

The Huge problem that hardly anybody tells you about before you buy the Adsense product is that you really must have traffic to your site to make it work. Many people think that by being accepted for a Google Adsense account means that Google is going to send traffic your way. It doesn't work like that. You are responsible for getting your own traffic.

So, like just about everybody else, you are now stuck with a $50 Adsense product, highly optimized web pages and, well, I guess a $50 Adsense product and highly optimized we pages!

It's the old cart before the horse system and I fell foul of it myself so I can sympathize with you. Get traffic to your website first. Don't get hung up on Adsense and don't go spending money on ANY Adsense product until you have website visitors. I'm not talking a "flood" as the gurus like to call it but a nice gently trickle to start off with will do just fine.

As a side note you don't actually have to buy any Adsense product. All the information is given on the Adsense help pages, the Adsense blog is great and the guys at Adsense support are really efficient and helpful. Buying an Adsense product does however make you feel more "comfortable" because you are doing what someone else is doing and if it works for them then it must work for you - right?

Work on getting traffic and building your list.

One of the best ways you can do this is to write and submit articles. It is probably the cheapest and most effective method to build your traffic, build your list and build your rankings in the Search Engines.

It won't happen overnight but if done correctly it won't take that long. Don't get hung up on Google. It could take months to be indexed but article syndication builds those all important anchor text links back to your website which Google loves so you are preparing the ground.

Other Search Engines will probably pick you up very quickly and it is surprising where your link will be found. The smaller niche search engines will definitely index you and send a small amount of traffic and also provide a one way anchor text link.

If you don't think you can write articles then think again and give it some serious consideration. Think of the fun you can have and the knowledge you can gain from researching new topics. The web will always be hungry for quality content. 

The latest craze of producing 1000's of sub-standard articles in seconds using software will be over before long as the search engines really don't want this rubbish in their database.

Build your website with quality content, submit quality articles and watch your income soar - and it doesn't have to be with Adsense!

Taff Martin runs Taff's Article Directory and publishes TAD NEWS. A newsletter dedicated to giving real information to real people. Visit his Article Marketing Blog for tips, resources and strategies on article marketing that you can use right now.

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