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Freelancing As Online Translator

Language Translator

Today, one of the well-paid areas where freelancers earn a great deal of income is the field of translation. Translation job involves converting one language into another without any change in the meaning of the content. Freelance online translator is one who works from home for his employers in the internet. 

In today's competitive world many people want to promote their business beyond the border of particular language speaking people. This makes the demand for translators who can translate the contents into various languages. Like every other online job, translation also requires special skill and perfection and every finished work needs to meet client's specific standard. The finished work also should be checked for any spelling and other typographical errors.   Watch the video tutorial by MrSnarsky below:


Online translation is a way to make money online for decent living. If you have enough experience as a freelance translator, you can make steady and great income in this profession. Usual online rate for freelance translators are from $10 to $15 an hour. Before trying to get any job for translation, you have to evaluate yourself about your qualification and experience in this field.  You should be competent enough to promote yourself in online field. 

Requirements for an Online Translator

 It would be best if you have some background in writing. The profession of translation also needs excellent writing skills because the translated content should be easily readable in the new language. For this, word-to-word translation will not be enough; some writing talent is also required. You need subject-specific knowledge in your own native tongue in order to translate subject-specific documents requested by your prospective client. 

Follow the guidelines below in order to be a successful freelance translator: 
  • GET SOME EXPERIENCE AND REFERENCE: To those who are interested in freelance translation as an online job, the easiest way to do it is to get some samples and references. You can do this by being a volunteer or intern in agencies that are doing translation services such as the American Red Cross, Translators Without Borders, refugee assistance programs etc. Join for experience in public health clinics that are in need of volunteer translators and interpreters or work for low-paying translation agencies that are willing to train beginners. 
  •  MARKET YOURSELF:  If you want to stay in the industry, never stop marketing. Having a regular list of clients doesn’t guarantee that you can keep all of them for a long time. Make sure that you continue contacting prospective clients in order to keep the works flowing.
  • BUILD A REPUTATION:  In order to build reputation, you need to show a portfolio of your work personally. By doing this, you can ensure that you will have an idea what your potential clients want.
  • JOIN IN SOME ASSOCIATIONS:  Freelance translators can join in associations such as the American Translators Association or its local chapters to help you establish professionalism as a translator. This will enhance your credibility in this field.
  • GET QUALIFIED:  Make sure that you get some certification that supports your translation job, so it can back up your credentials. Also, make sure that adjust your resume toward translation. If you also have specialized professional skills, you can also include this in your resume or portfolio.
Where to Find the Job for Translation?

Internet is provided with many genuine freelance sites where you can open your account to find work as an online freelance translator. In some sites you can post your work samples so that you can create good impression whenever any one of the employers sees your profile. Some sites where you can get translation job are Tradu Guide,, TranslatorsTown etc.  In addition to this freelance work providing sites such as Elance, Freelancer, oDesk etc. are offering opportunities to new translators. 

If you have enough confidence to start your own carrier as a freelance online translator, click here to get  'Freelancer's Guide' that will help you to set up the business and find customers. 

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