Product Review-Start A Secretarial Service by Leva Duell

This product is an eBook which help you to convert your typing skills into a profitable business.  Starting a secretariat business is the best way to make money by typing online from home.

For this business you only need to have a computer and an ability to type at least 30 words per minute.  You can make $30 to $50 per hour for your work.  Every business and professional organizations needs their documents (such as reports, letters, proposals, brochures, newsletters, manuals etc.) to be typed. Outsourcing the typing jobs is more profitable to them.  In addition to this, data entry jobs, computer jobs and clerical works are available as outsourcing works.

Online Typing eBook

Start-up expense is very low for this business comparing with other businesses.  You only need a computer, printer, papers and some business cards to start this business.  Don’t fall as prey to typing scams.  The typing online work describing in this book is a legitimate one.  This is not quick-rich scheme.  This is a real, proven and successful service that business owners need badly.  The official website of this company is registered in the Better Internet Bureau.

About the Author

Author of this eBook is Leva Duell.  She is a professional web designer, and internet marketing consultant.  See her LinkedIn profile for more information.

What You Can Find in This eBook?

This Start-up Kit provides information, templates and promotional materials that make it easy to start your own secretarial business.  These include:

•    Step-by-step start-up check list, how to legitimize your business, registration of your business, how to get a license, choose a business name etc.
•    How to get clients, what is the best way to market your secretarial services in record time, what advertising methods work best.
•    How to charge for your services.
•    7 pre-written letters, 16 ready-to-use postcards,3 special-occasion greeting cards for New Year, Thanksgiving and Halloween, 2 coupons to motivate new clients to do business with you.
•    Form Agreements (Client Agreements and Independent Contractor Agreements) to run your business.
•    Frequently Asked Questions.
•    Information and resources to find best source for equipment and supplies.

This eBook provides more information such as:

•    50 types of clients you can pursue.
•    Who your most profitable clients are?
•    How to find them?
•    24 strategies to promote your secretarial service.

Marketing is the most important part of any business.  Turn your client to repeat business providers and referrals.  Some helpful tips:

•    23 ways to promote your secretarial service with a small budget.
•    10 little known strategies to boost your business in record time.
•    Simple, proven methods to generate repeat business.
•    The most effective advertisement method.
•    The fastest and surest way to have clients contacts you.

BONUSES: Six free bonuses (which you can keep with you, even if you return the product within the guarantee period) are with the purchase of this product:
  1. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Getting Started
  2. My Rate Sheet (charges for work)
  3. Ready-to-Use letterhead, invoice and fax covers sheet
  4. Proofing Disclosure
  5. Survey Form to Improve Your Customer Service
  6. Gift Certificate and a Referral Certificate


Following are the free expressions from those who have used this product and found that it is useful to their purpose:

Christine Paone, Bronx, NY:  I recently purchased the Secretarial Business In-A-Box. I have to say that I am an extremely skeptical person by nature so I was a little bit unsure about purchasing the program at first.  I did some research and could find nothing but wonderful things regarding the program and Leva herself.  The information Leva provides to you is invaluable.  There is a wealth of information and resources to guide you along your way to creating a successful home based business. Everything in the program is extremely easy to follow and laid out for you step by step. Leva has always responded to me and answered my questions with extreme professionalism and detail. I cannot begin to explain how much this program has helped me so far.   Don't waste another day or another moment deciding, buy the Secretarial Business In-A-Box today!  I'm so happy that I did! 

Lynne Templeman, Edinburgh, GB:  "I'm very grateful that you have put this package together, it's going to be a great help. I've been an Executive Assistant for years, however, due to a health problem, I had to give up my job last year. I had already been considering starting working for myself, so had registered my company name and web domain, however, I never got around to anything else.  Since reading the materials I purchased from you, finally I started to feel excited and motivated again."

Julie Ensor, Antioch, TN (Nashville):  "I have looked over quite a bit of it already, and I am amazed at how much information you have included.You have answered so many of my questions! I was concerned about whether this would be a good investment of my "business money", but I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you very much!"



Name of the Product                      : START A SECRETARIAL SERVICE
Price of the Product                       : $57
Money Back Guarantee                   : For 90 Days
Bonuses with the Purchase             : 1) Answers to Frequently Asked Questions  
                                                            about Getting Started
                                                        2) My Rate Sheet (charges for work)
                                                        3) Ready-to-Use letterhead, invoice
and fax covers sheet     
                                                        4) Proofing Disclosure
                                                        5) Survey Form to Improve Your
Customer Service
                                                        6) Gift Certificate and a Referral

Download Page for Purchase           : Go to the Official Website.

Final Word
This typing online work training is a complete package for starting a secretarial service from home.  Author has sharing her work experience with the readers.  For those who want to find real online typing work for income, this product is very useful.  Before the purchase, you can subscribe for their newsletter and you will also get a free report ‘Top 10 Mistakes Secretarial Service Make Before They Even Start’; for this, visit company’s official website.

Click here to purchase this product and you will get a 90 days Money Back Guarantee also with the product.  Anyone interested in typing carrier or secretarial carrier can try this product free for three months, and return it (you can keep the six bonuses), if you are not satisfied.

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