Product Review -Create Your Own Programming Language by Marc-Andre Cournoyer

Computer programming is a good way to find online income for youngsters.  This eBook will help you find your own way to make income by programming language in the computer field.

Who Should Try This Product?

Programming is how we tell computers what we want them to do, like to do some apps, video games, or websites. You can use programming environment to build graphics, animations, and interactive visualizations. If you've never programmed before, follow these tutorials of this eBook and learn how to do it.

Programming Your Own Language

Computers are bad at understanding things. If you don't give those exact instructions, they become confused and make mistakes. Telling a computer what you want it to do is sometimes hard because you have to explain things very carefully. Because computers don't understand English, you have to give them instructions in special computer languages that computers can understand. 

About the Author

This product is the contribution of Marc-André Cournoyer, from Montréal, QC. He created Thin, tinyrb, wrote a book, created & sold a few sites. And he is now making a living online with his business, Coded Inc. 

What You Can Find in This eBook?

This is a 100 page eBook about computer programming which can be helpful even to a layman who do not have any academic education in this field.

Two different types of approach are provided in these tutorials. The first is a pure Ruby lexer, parser, and interpreter that let you build your programming language using mostly Ruby. The second is a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) based language upon which you can build a higher performance language.

•    This eBook is detailing the core concepts and applying them to a custom language in Ruby
(included: ePub & Mobi formats).
•    Proposed extensions to the language with solutions at the end of the book.
•    Full source code of three languages in Ruby & Java. Easy to extend and play with.
•    Explaining step by step how to extend the JVM language.
By using this eBook, you can be one of the thousands of coders who created their own language.



Name of the Product                            : CREATE YOUR OWN PROGRAMMING     
Price of the Product                             : $39.99
Money Back Guarantee                         : For 60 Days
Download Page for Purchase                : Go to the
Official Website.


Final Word
This book is helpful for those who are interested to create their own programming but do not have enough knowledge about it.  This tutorial will help you to be an expert in computer programming language.

Click here to get the product.  Try this for the guarantee period (60 Days) and find out if this product is useful to you or not.  If this product is not for you, ask for the refund.  As per the records of the Click Bank, this is one of the hot selling products in their list.

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