Product Review - Freelancer’s Ultimate Guide to Translation Agencies by Clint

Freelance online translation work will give steady income if you have enough clients to give business.  This guide will help you to find the right clients in the field and to build your translation business into a success.
Who Should Try This Product?

The success of the translation business is depending on your effort in getting the right people know about your services when they need it.  Do no waste your valuable time with people who are not ready and willing to pay for your translation services.  If you like to work as a freelance translator, this type of guidance is very much needed.  Without proper guidance, you are not able to make contacts with many people to find out who are willing to hire your services.  Contact the right people who need your service at the right time determines the success of your translation business.  This is a fool-proof method that has been used by many successful translators.

Online Translation eBook

About the Author

The author of this eBook is Clint and he is a translation specialist.  He successfully carries his translation business with a very strong client base.

What You Can Find in This eBook?

This is an eBook which shows 7 proven ways to contact new translation clients and how to do business with them.   This guide helps you to contact the right people at right time. 
In this book, you can see a list of 500 Translation Agencies who hire translators.  These are original translation agencies and not fake ones.  Details of this list are:

•    Each Translation Agency Listing has the name of the agency, their website and the information whether they wants the freelance translator to contact them by email or by filling out a form.
•    40 business tips to help your translation business from a real translation business owner.
•    How to cut the time you spend in search of new clients and use this time to multiply your earnings.
Who can benefit by this book:
•    Translators just starting out and trying to build their client base and translation portfolios.
•    Experienced translators who are looking for an additional source of work.
•    Part time translators who want to spend more time for translation and less time for marketing.

BONUSES: Two eBooks and 10 videos are free as bonuses with the purchase of this product:
eBooks: 1) Facebook Marketing Secrets (Helps you to find and establish your brand…             
                   Teaches you how to sell products profitably on Facebook).
               2) Facebook Fan Page Profits (Get inside picture of the future of social marketing… 

                    Step-by-step guide to create money making Fan Pages)

10 Step-By-Step Facebook Videos (Helps to generate unlimited traffic to your website or blog form social media sites… Find out how to use Facebook, Twitter and Squidoo to leverage all your social media efforts).


Following are the free expression from those who have used this guide and found it is useful:

Marcel, Freelance Translator: Hello Clint, Thank you very much for the translation book, and the in depth links to agencies I think you have done a great job with it and feel it is a very helpful tool, especially for someone like me who is trying to expand myself in the translation business and increase my income.  Best regards, 

Norman: Dear Clint, Your e-book is plenty of great advice and suggestions. To me, it represents a valuable and useful reference tool that would help translators to save time, establish reliable business relationships and increase their work volume. Congratulations on your outstanding job! With kind regards, 

Adriana, Spanish - English legal translator since 1987:  Hello Clint, I started working with your translation list. To my surprise, it consists of an introductory page, then, the list of agencies and finally some 40 tips for translators. It is not a critic at all when I say "to my surprise". I like the layout and the fact that you go straight to the point. Freelancers need more time to promote their services and not get bogged down with fluff and filler when trying to get the info they need.  I bought a similar book before in order to build my translation business but it did not include any list of agencies, I think your approach is more thorough and to the point. Regards,



Name of the Product                      : FREELANCER’S GUIDE TO TRANSLATION            

 Price of the Product                      : $27
Money Back Guarantee                   : For 60 Days
Bonuses with the Purchase             : Two eBooks: 

                                                        1) Facebook Marketing Secrets
                                                        2) Facebook Fan Page Profits 
                                                        10 Step-by-Step Facebook Videos
Download Page for Purchase          : Go to the Official Website.


Final Word
This guide will be helpful to those who are practicing to be an online freelance translator because the information is this book will give the initial start-up in the beginning and later for building stronger client base.  The bonuses with this will be helpful to market your business in social media sites.  

Click here to get access to the guide.  A 60 days Money Back Guarantee is offered, so if you are in this job (as a translator), you can try the worthiness of the guide and the bonuses free for 60 days.

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