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Secrets of Successful Article Writing

Ability to write is a gifted talent and if you use it wisely you will get lot of readers for your writing.  If you are writing articles for your website or blog, quality writing brings a lot of traffic because the basic requirement for the popularity of the web pages is its contents.  Writing for website or blog has some difference from other type of writings such as a novel or an essay.  

Watch the video tutorial by Julian about writing in English below:

Here you want to attract a lot of readers and you have to be specific to the niche of the site.  Some useful tips are given below for good article writing for web pages:

  • DO SOME RESEARCH: Before commencing the session, it is wise to search in the internet for good ideas for your niche.  Read different articles which are related to the topic, take note of the main points and write the article in your own words.  More reading will help you to create a perfect web page which will attract more readers.
  • NICHE RELATED ARTICLES: Articles that you are writing should be related to the niche of your site or blog.  Do not write an article which is not connected with the topic.  Always be professional and discuss only topic related matters.  What you are writing should be understood by all type or readers.  So use simple language and avoid complicated construction of sentences. 
  • TITLES: Titles are the most important part of an article.  Your 50% effort should be given to the creation of a good title to the article.  When somebody visits your site or search through search engines, the title promotes the interest in readers to continue reading.  Even if the article is good, if you do not have an attractive title, you will not be able to attract more readers to read your article.  A mind capturing title is very important in article writing.
  • USE GOOD ENGLISH: Writing in good English does not mean that you should be an expert in English language.  Knowledge to write the language without (or with a few mistakes) spelling and grammar mistakes will be enough to write good articles.  To avoid these mistakes, read the article a few times (in loud voice also) before publishing.  Also use some good word processor which will help to point out the common mistakes.  When you are writing more and more articles for your website or blog, use the same format always and the popular format is the third person format. 
  • KEYWORD: Key word research should be done for the article and choose the keyword wisely.  Long tail keyword with high popularity with low competition is the best selection.  Use it wisely in the title and in the body of the article.   Keyword density should be below 4% always.  Keyword stuffed article will be rejected by the search engines easily.  So be wise to use key words within the limit and in tune with the originality of the sentences.
  • LENGTH OF THE ARTICLE: A very long article with more than 1000 words is helpful to get prize in some essay competition, but the readers will not be finding it attractive.  A very short article below 300 words will not able to convey the message of the topic also.  Follow the middle path and limit the length of the article between 400 to 700 words.  If you are writing about some special topic which needs a lot elaboration, you should not observe this restriction. 
  • MAKE THE READING EASY: An article which is written in one or two paragraphs is not very attractive to read.  Divide the article into 4 or 5 paragraphs, use bullet points where it is needed and use subheadings which keywords, if possible.  An article in small paragraphs will be more attractive to the readers because easy reading.  First paragraph should be the description of the article and it should convey the readers about the main idea of the article. 

 Always use your own language to write articles.  Plagiarism is something which should be avoided completely. Article writing can be done easily if you practice it with some sincerity.  Using key words in the article is also will become easy with practice.   

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