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Online Jobs – 4 Top Freelancing Sites

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The Internet expands your job search from a single dimension to a multidimensional being. Internet has a lot to offer us in today’s fast growing world. Everyone wish to earn a lot of money and they want to make use of their each and every precious second to make some decent money.  And luckily, we now exist in a world where technology is constantly revolving into something magnificent and one can now earn money via online jobs in freelancing sites.  Freelancing sites are very much helpful in finding jobs for a newbie in cyberspace.   

Watch  the video (by Sathya Moorthy) about making money from freelancer projects below:

What is Freelancing?

In these days the concept of freelancing is becoming popular all over the world especially in the third world countries where there is large percentage of jobless people.  Many of the people in these countries are jobless and even people with some jobs are also eager to get some part time work online to make some extra money.  Most of the job seekers now prefer the internet to search for the jobs because you can access current information at all hours of the day or night.  Also there are no geographic limits, you can meet new people in your profession or region and you can explore career options you might not have even considered.
Searching online for jobs is not easy because cyberspace is full of online scams. It is advisable to visit a few freelancing sites to know how these sites work. The sign-up in these sites are absolutely free.  Before signing up for jobs prepare an impressive resume and analyze about your skills and limitations.
After registration you can find different kinds of work on that site including basic computer work like data entry and copy writing jobs. If you know how to operate a computer and if you are not a computer professional, still you can get work at freelancing sites as data entry and copy writing jobs. Choose copywriting jobs or data entry jobs because they are easy to do and don’t require much expertise. 

Then after choosing the type of work you want to do, start looking for jobs under that category. To get the work you must place your bid at the lowest level. Only bidding for cheap rates can help you win projects or else you will never going get your first online job.  Be patient at first and you’ll earn good rating in these sites after each of your completed works. This rating will help you to get more jobs with good rates in future. 

After biding on projects, contact the buyer through the website platform. If he likes the bid amount and your profile, he will contact you and then you both can decide the other aspects about the work and then you can start the work for that buyer. You should have a very good profile to impress your buyers to get the job and remember it is very important to deliver the works on time. 

Top Freelancing Sites

There are many freelancing sites are available providing work opportunities to various job seekers.  Some of the top freelancing sites are Elance, Freelancer, oDesk, and ifreelance.  

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