Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Build a Good Website and Make Money with Adsense

Google Adsense

Adsense is a great way to monetize your web site or blog.  Doing an association with Google will certainly improve your financial status and cyber status.   Adsense are the targeted ads that Google places on your site. When a visitor clicks on one of those Ads, you get paid. The amount of money that you get paid is a percentage of the amount that the advertiser is paying Google for the click.  

Watch the video by Lisa Irby  about making more earnings from Google Adsense below:

Either you are a website owner or blog owner, to get permission to place ads from Google; you have to follow certain guidelines.  Otherwise Google will reject your application for Adsense, after evaluating your site.  Google does not specify any exact requisitions to give approval to any site, but from their Adsense Policy Guidelines, you may be able to find out certain requirements such as: 
  • Webpages or blog posts should have original content and it should have minimum useful length (400 words and above). 
  • This content should be informative and useful to the readers.  Simply posting some junk articles will not be considered as a good content
  • If you are used any copyrighted materials or PLR articles (without any re-writing), the site will automatically rejected
  • Website or blog should have sufficient pages with good content to get the approval
  • Websites or blogs which were created with the only intention to place Adsense will be easily recognized and will be rejected.

How to Get More Revenue from Google Adesense

After getting the approval from Adsense, you can install the codes and Adsense will provide the ads.   But that will not give you any monetary benefit.  AdSense don't disclose which niches have the best Click Through Ratio or CTR (clicks divided by page views). If you have a new website, you probably don't get more than 10 to 20visitors a day which equates to 300 to 600 per month. Then your earning will be very low.

Your site or blog should have regular and sufficient traffic to get more benefit from Adsense ads.  Content is the life-blood of a website, particularly if you want to earn with AdSense. Unique, informative content is paramount.

To create traffic, in addition to adding more good contents, also make videos that will make people to visit your site. Create content regularly which helps people and which they want to read; that's the only way you'll attract traffic to your site and make revenue from AdSense.

After getting the Adsense account, you should have to be more careful and you should observe their Terms of Policy strictly.  If Google find out that you are violating any of their rules, your Adsense account will be suspended.   Practically a suspended account is impossible to reinstate.  Only possible way to get a new account is: start a new acceptable website of blog, use a new g mail id and also use a new IP address to file an application.  

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