Wednesday, 14 August 2013

How to Use Social Networking Sites?

Social Media Sites

Hundreds of social networking sites exist offering all sorts of features and other offerings. These sites incorporate new information and communication tools, such as mobile phone connectivity, blogging, photo and video-sharing capabilities and other features that allow members to trade goods or search for job opportunities.  

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Internet is providing a lot of facilities to job searchers, but you have to face competition of toughest level to make you acceptable to job providers.  You have to present yourself in an impressive manner with good and smart profile and resumes.  Here the social networking sites can do a lot to help you to create an image.  It is not a secret that business houses are searching social networking sites for their employees in detail.  When they get an application from a job seeker, they will look into his social networking profiles and activities for evaluation, before giving any response. Companies will make hiring decisions based on impression they get from your social network activity.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has got over 600 million users and Twitter has more than 200 million accounts. Though Facebook is the most popular social media site, there are plenty of other social sites also which are active with a lot of accounts to their credit. LinkedIn, for example, houses 100 million professionals seeking jobs, employees, or basic business or networking opportunities. MySpace is another site which allows its users to tinker with music, themes, and HTML code and it is mainly targeted toward youth and teens.
The user profile is generally what distinguishes social networking sites from other social media platforms. It helps to set the stage for building relationships with people who share the same interests, activities, or personal contacts, as opposed to primarily disseminating or digesting information feeds. This also means social networks enable companies to invite audiences to get to know its brand in a more capable way that traditional forms of marketing or advertising can't. 

Most sites support the maintenance of pre-existing social networks and some are commonly used to put up or advertise a business online. Some other social networking sites have simplified the process of starting a business. An entrepreneur just needs to create an account, and then allow his or her creativity to take over. Many sites allow members to do custom design of their pages to make them attractive to their intended customers. The part-time businessmen/woman can build an online shop in these sites.  First they must decide on what product to sell, who to sell them to, how to market your product and the image that you would like to carry, and where to sell your products. 

How to Use Social Media to Drive Business?

Before opening an account and becoming active, it's important to consider what each site offers and how you can benefit from their resources. 

  • Figure out which tools are best for your demographic status
  • Develop a plan for your social networking activity; otherwise you could end up wandering throughout the sites and wasting a lot of time
  • Figure out what your needs are and then consider the primary goal of your social networking strategy.
  • Target audience for that product, and with more than 600 million users on Facebook, you'll need to narrow your focus.   

It's important to focus on one or two social networking sites, or you could not actively participate in all of them. Your followers will notice and you will not get the targeted result in your effort. While participating actively in social networking sites, you must decide about the amount of time you can invest for online activity and how to manage the schedule. Also, make sure that you have resources in place to make the selling or other purposes efficient and effective.

If you are focusing on  one social media site, click here to get more information about to manage LinkedIn for your benefit.   It will help you to start and promote business oriented account in LinkedIn.   

If your business is large, you have to use more than one social media account and, a training to handle multiple social media sites is required to achieve success.  Click here to learn how to manage four major social networking services (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+) for the promotion of your business. 

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